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How to Wear Oversized Sunglasses Right

How to Wear Oversized Sunglasses Right

You may wonder if oversized sunglasses are still in fashion, and the answer is a resounding yes ! This season, large sunglasses are the hottest must-have accessory for those aiming to look classy with a hint of movie star allure.

If you’re unsure how to pull off this fashion statement, keep on reading this Vint & York guide. We’ll not only answer all your questions about oversized sunglasses, but we’ll serve up tips to help you pick the perfect pair.

how to style oversized sunglasses

What are Oversized Sunglasses?

Oversized sunglasses are large framed specs , often seen as a fashion statement. And they make a big statement without you needing to say a single word. Oversized sunglasses speak for you. They share your mood with the world while hinting at the nonchalant attitude of movie stars.

The oversized sunglass style became popular in the 1960s when First Lady Jackie Kennedy started wearing them. A fashion symbol of her time, she started wearing the glasses to keep a low and discreet profile. And who could forget the iconic Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” wearing those oversized sunnies?

jackie kennedy oversized sunglasses

Since then, many celebrities – allegedly wanting to travel incognito – have embraced the oversized trend. But oversized sunglasses do nothing to hide their identity. Quite the opposite is true. The glasses actually work to even more attention to themselves as they sashay through the airport looking chic and unattainable.

We’ve all heard that bigger is better – but is it true for large framed sunglasses?

How Big are Oversized Sunglasses?

To count as oversized sunglasses, the only criteria is that the glasses be larger than traditional sunglasses. If you worry this style will overwhelm your face, remember that these stylish babies are available in different sizes and frame thickness.
That means you can pick the dimensions, thickness and shape that works best for you. There’s definitely a pair with your name on them. Keep in mind that bigger lenses equal more protection , making oversized glasses a wise choice for all those summer days at the pool, park or beach.

What size are oversized sunglasses?

how big are oversized sunglasses

You don’t even have to wear the oversized glasses on your face to exude a super cool vibe. Perched on top of your head they can serve as a chic headband that helps hold your hair back. On a practical note, they provide more protection from the sun compared to their more petite counterparts. When combined with your favorite sunblock, oversized sunnies add another layer of protection to help keep wrinkles at bay.

what size are oversized sunglasses

Do Oversized Sunglasses Look Good?

Oversized sunglasses look absolutely amazing, provided you’ve chosen your pair carefully. We’ll teach how to make sure you pick the best style and size for your face.

The best style for you is largely a matter of personal taste, but even the coolest style can fall flat if you pick the wrong size. The size of your sunglasses is so important that wearing a bad size of oversized sunglasses should be considered one of the seven deadly fashion sins.

Vint & York makes it incredibly easy to choose the right size glasses. Our frames have their size displayed:

oversized square sunglasses men
Photo: Vint & York Jazz Age Sunglasses – Get yours here !

Who can Wear Oversized Sunglasses?

Everyone can wear oversized sunglasses. As long as you know the secret to looking good instead of bug-eyed in them. The secret is finding the right sunglass frames and lenses to compliment your style and face.

oversized sunglasses cat eye women
Photo: Vint & York Doll Too Sunglasses in Burgundy – Get yours here !

How Should Oversized Sunglasses Fit Your Face?

If you’re not sure how to choose oversized sunglasses, consider these essential factors to consider before buying your next pair:

  1. No Cheek Touching – The oversized frames should sit comfortably on your face without touching your cheeks, whether you’re relaxing or grinning from ear to ear. If the frames touch your cheeks, it means they’re too big for your face.
  2. Show your eyebrows – don’t hide your eyebrows behind your glasses, or the overall effect will be odd. Choose a size that lets your eyes peek out from the center of the glasses
  3. Frame your face – Oversized sunglasses shouldn’t dominate your face. If the frames are wider than your face, they’re too big for you.
  4. Arm Positioning – if the (arms) of the glasses don’t rest comfortably over your ears, the sunglasses are too small for you. This issue is often encountered by men with larger features.
  5. Frame Size – Choose frames that feel comfortable. An oversized sunglass frame that is too big for you may start to feel too heavy and uncomfortable as the day wears on. Such a heavy, uncomfortable accessory can actually give you a headache.
  6. The Smile Test – Do the Smile Test — It works every time. If you smile and the glasses noticeably rise off your nose bridge, move on to the next pair. A change of facial expression should not change the way oversized sunglasses fit on your face.
oversized round sunglasses women
Photo: Take things to the max with the Vint & York Glitterati sunglasses! Get yours here !

Buying glasses with good fit is like buying clothes with a good fit.

Make sure you try out glasses in a variety of different sizes to find the size that delivers the right vibe. You want oversized sunglasses that give you an air of mystery, not give the impression you are just trying to hide from the world.

Your ultimate pair of oversized sunnies should give you good coverage under and around the eyes, and sit well on your nose without resting on the cheeks.

What Shape of Large Sunglasses Should You Choose?

It’s not just the size and fit that matter. You need to choose oversized sunglasses that contrast with the shape of your face, not ones that mimic it.

Best oversized sunglasses for a round face

Sunglasses with angular frames, such as square, rectangular or trapezoids, will provide contrast to a rounded face and make it appear narrower. Check out these Vint & York options: Jazz Age & The Great .

oversized sunglasses for round face

Wide frames and cat-eye frames that extend beyond the edges of the face will also help make it appear slimmer. Round faces need to avoid very round glasses at all costs. Round glasses would merely accentuate chubby cheeks.

Best oversized sunglasses for a square face

Oval shaped lenses will add some roundness to an angular face. This helps to give the illusion of the perfect oval. Round frames and the Aviator style work particularly well on a square face.

fashion oversized sunglasses

Best oversized sunglasses for an oval face

The oval face shape is considered to be the ideal. That means if your face is plump or angular, you need to choose glasses frames that give your face an oval appearance.

If you already have an oval face, the world is your oyster. You really can wear any style of sunglasses you choose.

round oversized sunglasses

Top Oversized Sunglasses Styles

Oversized Aviator Sunglasses

oversized aviator sunglasses cool guys
Photo: Vint & York Western Front sunglasses
flat top oversized aviator sunglasses
Vint & York Swag oversized sunglasses – Get yours Here !

Oversized aviator sunglasses have a long and rich history as some of the coolest glasses around. Read more about the oversized aviator shape here .

flat top aviator overized sunglasses

Oversized Round Sunglasses

oversized round sunglasses

Vint & York Juice Joint round sunglasses – Get Yours here !
oversized round sunglasses for oval face
Photo: Vint & York Moll sunglasses – Get yours here !

Oversized Square Sunglasses

oversized square sunglasses navigator men Oversized Cat-Eye Sunglasses

oversized cat eye sunglasses 2016
Photo: Vint & York Zelda sunglasses – Get yours here !

oversized cat eye sunglasses for round face

How to Wear and Style Oversized Sunglasses?

Once you’ve purchased your trendsetting eyewear, you next step is to show it off with style. Showing it off with style not only means looking fantastic in your new oversized sunglasses, but making it appear as if you put absolutely no effort into looking so amazing.
Keep reading to find out how to achieve this effortlessly cool look, as well as a rundown on where to wear oversized specs and, more importantly, with what.

Oversized sunglasses women
Photo: Vint & York Glitterati sunglasses – Get yours here !

One of the top advantages of oversized sunglasses is that they are the ideal accessory for nearly any outfit. Notice we said nearly any outfit. With their heft and weight, oversized sunnies may not do so well on your morning jog. They’d be too busy flopping around your face.

In addition to making sure you won’t be engaging in activities that could put your oversized sunglasses at risk, you want to dress the part. Oversized glasses can work for any season, as long as you keep their statement-making qualities and size in mind.

Sundresses and floral rompers are terrific with oversized sunglasses in the spring and summer. Stylish jackets and fitted sweaters can help you rock the look in the winter and fall. Be careful that your clothing or accessories don’t end up competing with the sunglasses, or giving you an overall sloppy look.

Wearing an oversized sweater with oversized sunglasses, for instance, can end up looking more unrefined than savvy. And wearing big sunnies with big hats or scarves can end up crowding and hiding your face.

Your oversized specs will add a chic finish to smart outfits and completely jazz up a casual ensemble.

Where to Buy Oversized Sunglasses?

Your first step to buying oversized sunglasses, or any type of glasses, is to ensure you’re getting high-quality frames and lenses. You’ll get both at Vint & York, which is also home to a magnificent array of vintage-inspired designs.

Check our oversized sunglasses collection online or at the flagship store in Soho, Nolita in NY.

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