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Back-to-School Glasses for Smart Fashion – Vint & York

Back-to-School Glasses for Smart Fashion – Vint & York

So summer’s end is nearing, and the new academic year is right around the corner. That means it’s time for shopping for back to school outfits: what are you going to wear? Obviously, you want to wear something that gives a great first impression while making you feel smart, polished, confident . New eyeglass definitely fit the bill. Not only do they achieve all of the above, but they also help you learn.

To make things as easy as possible, we here at Vint & York rounded up more than 15 campus-ready looks with frames to suit a number of personalities. So get ready to receive an A+ in style and get ahead of the class with these smart glasses styles.

redhead hipster eyeglasses

P.S. While some may wonder why people choose to wear glasses if they don’t need them, these eyewear styles tell you why. These Vint & York designer frames are so smart that even people with perfect eyesight may want to give them a try to update their look.

And if you feel your eyes get tired during the semester, go for a pair of Vint & York reading glasses more easily make it through those heavy textbooks.

back to school glasses
Vint & York Ritzy glasses in black

Stylish Smart Glasses for Your Back-to-School Outfits

If you want to face the new school year with a fresh look, you need to add a statement eyewear piece to your wardrobe. Eyeglasses are an essential accessory for your college style , not to mention a fabulous choice for creating a signature look. Practical, versatile and stylish, eyeglasses go with nearly any outfit you want to wear.
So, whether you are a college fashionista , planning on premiering your brand-new fall buys, or a casual, laid-back guy in need of a new pair of eyeglass frames , discover the best picks for back to school eyewear trends.

Want to look the best in your classroom ? (Who doesn’t?!) Check out some of our top picks:

1. The All Dressed Up Professional

This year is all about you and your success. You want to score an internship , impress your new teachers or focus on your start-up . Whatever your specific plans for the new school year, the overall goal is to move a bit closer to your dreams.

women eyeglasses gif

That’s why you put a lot of thought into your smart, professional look. Finding the perfect frames to convey this goal is an essential on your checklist.

clubmaster eyeglasses
The Vint & York Fitzgerald Eyeglasses

browline semi-rimmed glasses

Goal-oriented students need to pair their first-day ensemble with glasses that give them a polished look . You can achieve exactly that with a professional back-to-school outfit topped off with a sophisticated pair of frames.

The Clubmasters frame is the go-to accessory for a grown-up feel. If you’ve decided to dress like an adult and take the professional style approach, then these frames definitely need to be part of your everyday wardrobe.

Professional Glasses Ideas for Women

There’s no better accessory to make you look determined, serious and professional that a pair of high-quality glasses.

Cat-eye glasses , thick frames or Clubmaster glasses are a must have if you are prepping to make your first steps in the professional world. Not only are they sexy and feminine, but they emphasize your facial features, and demand respect.

Oversized square geek eyeglasses
Vint & York “Keen” Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

A nice pair of designer glasses will liven up your face in an instant. This can cut down on your prep time each morning, making getting ready for school a breeze. They also complement your face and your eyebrows.

thick frame hipster eyeglasses
Vint & York”Great Escape” Eyeglasses
professional women glasses
Vint & York “Says You” Eyeglasses

How to wear these glasses with your fall outfits

A professional look requires savvy shirts, heels and dresses. For the greatest fashion statement, mix and match colors. Remember: you’re still in college; it’s not yet time for the dull black and white . Don’t be afraid to go for a V-neck blouse or striped shirt. Try patterned dresses and colorful heels.

Professional Glasses for Men

For the future business partners, a rectangular shape glasses frame in bright colors will add a pop of style to the traditional suit and tie.

nerd men's eyewear 2016

rectangular Eyeglasses in Burgundy
Vint & York Jordan Eyeglasses in Burgundy – Get yours here !

How to wear these glasses with your fall outfits

Get all dressed up in a serious, professional manner. Break out the button shirt, sweater and suit, and get ready to impress your teachers and managers alike.

square hipster glasses
Vint & York “Swell” Eyeglasses

In terms of accessories, a watch is essential. Bowties are optional. If you carry a laptop, a simple, solid color backpack will serve you well.

metal titanium eyeglasses for men
Vint & York Razz metal Eyeglasses

2. The College Fashionista & the Style Enthusiast

You have literally waited all summer for this moment. The back-to-school-outfit craze, the fall fashion trends and all the accessories that come with them. It’s time to come up with those cool back to school outfits. The best finishing touch can be as easy as it is effective if you top off your outfit with designer eyeglasses.

geek black cat eye eyeglasses
Vint & York Zelda Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

These oversized cat-eye glasses can jazz up any type of simple outfit – or add extra panache to a bold one.

Stylish Fashion Glasses for Women

One of the t op trends of this fall is the tortoise shell pattern eyeglasses . The vintage style is a testament to your knowledge of fashion and a keen sense of style.

oversized tortoise shell horn rimmed glasses
Vint & York Coffee House Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

The tortoise shell pattern is beautifully timeless, and it’s also making a comeback this fall. If you are a true fashionista , take heed. Tortoise shell glasses have become the must-have accessory in the world of fashion.

How to wear them with your fall outfits

Your eclectic style will get a major boost once you add these beauties to your collection. Tortoise shell frames come in a range of colors. Choose fall colors for your back-to-school selection, with options that include orange, brown or yellow.

oversized tortoise shell horn rimmed glasses
Vint & York Coffee House Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

Mix and match with accessories that align with the tortoise shell tone. For example, brown and honey tortoise shell frames look dashing with gold necklaces and earrings.

Stylish Fashion Glasses for Men

Here’s where style meets imagination.

You have been probably wearing aviator and oversized shades all summer. But now you can include them in your back to school outfits with these classroom-appropriate takes on your beloved sunglass shapes .

Aviator Eyeglasses in Tortoise Shell
Vint & York Aviator Eyeglasses in Tortoise Shell – Get yours here !

The mix between tortoise shell frames and the aviator silhouette creates a new style that is bound turn heads.

aviator men eyeglasses

How to wear them with your fall outfits

Break out the fall shirts, cardigans, and coats. The tortoise shell colorway goes best with solid colors, so you might want to consider adding more solids to your wardrobe.

nerd thick glasses for men
The Vint & York Dapper Eyeglasses

Stylish and dapper, the tortoise colorway is a fantastic choice for any fashion enthusiast .

Vint & York “Swanky” Eyeglasses

3. The Cute Geeky Girl & The Classic Nerdy Gentleman

The geeky, nerdy styles have its advantages. For starters, you always look like the person who has all the answers. It’s also become an endearing and rather attractive look. So get ready to storm the library with this fresh pair of specs.

Funky Glasses Ideas for Women

Forget what you’ve been told—glasses don’t have to be so serious. Dress up a basic outfit with a pair of fun colored frames that give you a pretty pop of color.

Round thick frame eyeglasses
Vint & York Owl Round Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

Ladies, if you want a cute college outfit that gives you the smart, geeky look , you need a pair of thick, round glasses frames .

Round Red Plastic Eyeglasses
Vint & York Owl Round Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

Opt for a pair of round thick frame glasses , like the Vint & York Owl , and you will turn heads around campus. These geeky eyeglasses are playful and fun. You can easily mix and match them with many back to school outfits without missing a beat.

Vintage Cat Eye Eyeglasses
Vint & York Mulberry Vintage Cat Eye Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

How to wear them with fall outfits

Try on a school girl skirt , colorful high socks and a pair of Oxford shoes . For the top half of the outfit, you can go for a white top or shirt, or mingle in cozy scarf or sweater.

Cat Eye vintage eyeglasses
Vint & York Mulberry Vintage Cat Eye Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

Nerdy Glasses Ideas for Guys

Guys, you can emulate the cute nerd style with a pair of oversized, square frames . This look is all the rage and just the right frames will make anyone want to sit next to you in class.

Rectangular Eyeglasses in tortoise shell
Vint & York Breezer Rectangular Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

This good guy look will make a great first impression, making you a favorite of both colleagues and teachers alike. Go with tortoise shell, autumn-ready colors to show your unique fashion sense .

How to wear them with fall outfits

 Swell eyeglasses
Vint & York Swell eyeglasses
nerd men square eyeglasses
Vint & York Breezer Rectangular Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

Nerd glasses work best with elegant outfits. Style smart nerd eyeglasses with an equally smart outfit . Opt for buttoned shirts, ties, and tweed for a more professional look, or jean jackets and pre-washed jeans for a dash of casual. Don’t forget to comb your hair with a notable part on the left or right.

4. The Casual Laid-Back Student

Pretentious outfits have never been your cup of tea. Neither has tea. You feel most relaxed enjoying a drink while hanging out with friends. Your wardrobe consists mainly of T-shirts, jeans, boots, and sneakers.

men square eyeglasses
Vint & York Big Six Eyeglasses

You love the casual life. It fits you and we understand. But just because you’re laid-back in general doesn’t mean you can’t make a stellar impression in the new academic year. Vint & York glasses are your best back-to-college-accessory . You get a new look without having to try too hard.

Casual Trendy Glasses for Women

Choose a simple clear frame because it goes with every single one of your fall outfits .

Clear/Black Square Eyeglasses
Vint & York Damme Clear/Black Square Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

Clear frames are stunning, and they also complement your facial features . Because they have such a gorgeous look, you’re sure to get a lot of attention and admirers.

redhead hipster eyeglasses

How to wear them with your fall outfits

The clear frame is exceptionally versatile, which means it can be easily matched with all your fall outfits .

Vint & York Damme Eyeglasses in Clear/Black Square & Vint & York Coquette Eyeglasses in Pink/Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses

Casual, trendy glasses for women align well with jeans, blouses and leather jackets. But you can pretty much wear them with anything. Just wear what makes you feel good, and the frames will do the rest.

Casual Glasses for Guys

College guys are known for loving their beer drinking and their relaxed outfits. Often consisting of only an unbuttoned shirt and a pair of loose pants, the casual style is something of a trademark for the college man.

We recommend a casual pair of eyeglasses to go with your standard back-to-school-outfits . Vint & York has just the right look you need.

Vint and York Astor Black Browline frames
Vint & York Astor Browline Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

The Vint & York Astor browline rectangular eyeglasses are stylish and discreet. They are incredibly lightweight, made out of metal and acetate. So light, you won’t even know you are wearing them.

How to wear them with your fall outfits

Wear what makes you comfortable, but don’t forget the accessories rule: too much is not good. Too many accessories can lead to overkill, with an outfit that’s confused and busy. It’s better to carefully select a few key accessories that work together to make a smart statement.

browline clubmaster eyeglasses men
Vint & York Astor Browline Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

A hat, for example, looks fantastic with the Vint & York Astor’s narrow frames . A cap would look equally as dashing.

When matching your outfits to this frame, take colors into consideration. A white, black or red shirt will go well with the black browline eyeglasses , while a green one won’t.

hipster men glasses

5. The Fit Sports Lovers

College is a great place to engage in sports. Some college students are specifically focused on sports as part of their college career, while others just like to wear comfortable sports outfits .

Regardless of which type are you, sports eyewear trends are hot. They feature a thick, resistant frame that is able to withstand shock and an active lifestyle.

Sporty Glasses for Women

Our favorite sporty glasses for women consist of those with square, oversized, thick frames . Not only are they bound to make you look good, but they’re also designed to survive in your bag.

Square Eyeglasses in Blue & Yellow
Vint & York Dapper Eyeglasses in Blue & Yellow – Get yours here !

While we don’t advise keeping your glasses in your bag without an eyeglass case, we know how hectic college life can be. Your eyeglasses may end up in your bag without a case, or in other places where they can be damaged — like on your face after you fall asleep. Choosing a strong frame is a wise idea to ensure your glasses stand up to whatever comes their way.

How to wear them with your fall outfits

The colorful colorway of sporty eyeglasses for women makes it ideal for sports outfits . The Vint & York blue and yellow frame can be matched with nearly any tracksuit and sneakers. If you’re thinking about joining a sports or cheerleading team, these glasses can help you give it your best shot.

redhead hipster oversized eyeglasses
Vint & York Dapper Eyeglasses in Blue & Yellow – Get yours here !

You can also match this colorful frame to your casual outfits, especially those that involve wearing sneakers or sports/college jackets.

Sporty Glasses for Guys

If your top fall outfits involve raincoats and shorts for your time in the gym or on the field, you’ll appreciate a thick and durable acetate frame you can rely on.

Black Browline Glasses
Vint & York Sheik Rectangular Browline Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

You might not spend all the time in the gym, but even outside of it, you need an eyeglass frame that fits your personality and style.

sheik flat brow hipster eyeglasses
Vint & York Sheik Rectangular Browline Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

The Vint & York rectangular browline eyeglasses can also be a terrific accessory for your lectures and seminars, as they also give you a smart look.

How to wear them with your fall outfits

Besides your regular sports outfits, you can style these frames with V-neck T-shirts and sweaters, casual jeans and college jackets.

When it’s time for exams, pair your designer glasses with a crisp shirt and cardigan for a super smart look. That way you’ll have the right attitude and vibe for acing the tests.

semi-rimmed browline eyeglasses
Vint & York Astor eyeglasses

Back To School Outfit Ideas for Teachers

We just couldn’t leave out those who dedicate their lives to help others build theirs. Thank you, teachers! Teachers set an example for their students, which makes it crucial that they look the part.

We love the teacher look . It’s simple yet elegant, practical but with a note of distinction. Since a lot of professors wear glasses , we decided to help them update their fall outfits .

Wood Finish eyewear men
Vint & York Hell K Wood Finish Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

why choose progressive lenses for presbyopia

The wood finish eyeglasses are an ideal fall style for professors. The look aligns fabulously with tweed jackets, ties and Oxford shoes.

Wood Finish Rectangular Eyeglasses
Vint & York Hell K Wood Finish Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

These vintage-inspired Vint & York frames also go perfectly with the fall weather. And imagine how keen they’ll look sitting on your desk? It’s surely time for professors to give these designer glasses a try.

Female professors have an equally amazing option here at Vint & York. We recommend an ultra-feminine frame , such as the Cat’s Meow , that will convince students to never forget their assignments.

Vint & York Cat’s Meow Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

Because this season’s top colors are dark, choose frames in a softer, lighter hue to add contrast to your outfits.

Cat eye eyeglasses
Vint & York Cat’s Meow Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

Though the cat-eye shape will make you look more serious, the soft colors will suggest you are open to compromise. You’ll have a look that makes it clear that students can always visit you for advice.

Teachers Special Discount

Vint & York truly appreciates teachers, and we’re showing our appreciation this fall with a special discount code teachers can use for their back-to-school eyewear purchases .

redhead eyeglasses

Closing thoughts

Now that you have a sold rundown on the top fashion trends for back-to-school outfits , and the designer glasses that go with them, all you need to do is start shopping. We hope you give some of the cool fall outfits ideas and eyewear picks a try. Remember that you can wear any of the Vint & York frames with non-prescription plano lenses or prescription lenses as you desire.

If you haven’t quite yet discovered your favorite pair, take a look at our optical eyewear collection to find your perfect back-to-school eyeglasses style today.

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