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the best glasses looks from the 2017 golden globes awards

Golden Globes 2017: See the Red Carpet Glasses Winning Looks

The 2017 Golden Globes have officially started the awards season and like every year we tuned in to spot our favorite celebrities! We loved seeing them get the appreciation they deserved and would like to congratulate all those who have been nominated or won an award.

We’re certain you are eager to see who wore what on the Red Carpet and we get it – the dresses and tuxes were as amazing as always. But while others might deal in Red Carpet fashion we (and we hope you too !) are more interested in seeing what eyewear the A-listers rocked last night!

So we looked for the best eyeglasses and sunglasses both on and off screen. Scroll below to see the best eyewear looks from the 2017 Golden Globes!


the best glasses looks from the 2017 golden globes awards

Both on-screen and off-screen the eyeglasses and sunglasses styles were unique and eye catching.

To your delight, the most eyewear popular look of the night was the Navigator frame silhouette.

navigator sunglasses

Lots of celebs rocked this manly shape and we just loved how they looked in it. Let’s take a tour and see what else they brought on the Red Carpet!

Best Frames worn on the Red Carpet & After Party

We saw a lot of familiar figures wearing frames to match their looks.

Round, square, oversized and rectangular shapes made this edition of the Globes one of the most diverse ever.

Here are all the best eyewear looks:

Julia Dreyfuss

Our beloved VEEP came to pick up another win for her role as Seline Meyer and took the time to do a DJ sketch. For her performance, she chose a pair of highly oversized black round eyeglasses which ironically, suited her nicely!


Julia is no stranger to eyeglasses – she wears them in her everyday life as well as on the small screen. You can see her Selina Meyer look further in the article. But for now, find out how to emulate her on stage presence!


Try on the round oversized trend and witness how your look changes. Vint & York’s OWL eyeglasses are thick, oversized and stylish. It’s a frame for the risk takers and the fashion enthusiasts.

round thick eyeglasses
OWL Round Eyeglasses – Get yours here !
oversized glasses julia dreyfus 2017
Keen from Vint&York

Cuba Gooding Jr. and Hugh Laurie

Gentleman Cuba Gooding Jr. came as a presenter and to support his colleagues from American Crime Story: The People V. OJ Simpson .

To his flawless look, he added a pair of thin metal rectangular eyeglasses that gave him a smart and ideal look. The delicate frames suit his oblong shaped face and go well with the green blue tweed.



While not everybody can be Cuba Gooding Jr. you can at least still his look for the times you have to make an important presentation. The Prince frame in gray is a perfect match for smart occasions when you have to look your best. Like Cuba, match it with an oblong shaped face and it will bring harmony to your features.

Prince Rectangular Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

Michael Keaton

“Birdman” actor Michael Keaton kicked off the Navigator looks of the night with his impressive flat browline sunglasses. Navigator sunglasses are slowly becoming a fashion trend amongst male celebrities. The manly, decisive look makes them ideal for suits and ties.

Michael Keaton ‘s frame features a flat top browline , Aviator style double bridge and black/gray lenses to match the tux.


Inside the venue, Mr. Keaton switched to an attractive pair of square thick tortoise shell glasses .

michael-keaton-golden-globes eyeglasses

The prominent brown of the tortoise shell fits him very well and we were pleased to see this look. Great job!


Steal Mr. Birdman’s look with Vint & York’s Attaboy . Tall lenses, square shape, flat browline, discreet colorway = manly look. This frame is ideal for your Michael Keaton impression. But how about a sweet alternative?

Navigator sunglasses
The Attaboy Navigator Sunglasses – Get yours here !

And if you are looking for the geeky cool look from the podium, then we recommend the Hester frame.

Square eyeglasses tortoise shell
Hester Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

The tortoise shell colorway is bound to draw attention and compliments. Wear them with confidence!

Meryl Streep

Besides delivering a memorable speech, the world’s most awarded actress rocked a beautiful pair of rectangular cat eye glasses. Her mom look was as elegant as we expected from her. The frame is a smart combination between rectangular eyeglasses and cat eye influences – noticeable by the pointy temples.

The thin eyeglasses featured black tones at the upper side while staying clear at the bottom. We love you, Meryl.



Appropriately called Damme , our frame will give you the elegant Meryl look. The acetate frame is a bit more practical than a fragile metal one . You can be highly dynamic in this one which makes it perfect for the office or the academic environment.

Clear/Black Square Eyeglasses
Damme Clear/Black Square Eyeglasses – Get yours here !
meryl streep glasses
Coquette glasses by Vint&York

Michael Shannon

Last year’s Best Supporting Actor winner, Michael Shannon , turned up in a blue tux matched with brown lenses Navigators . A bit out of the ordinary, these Navigators work best for men with blonde and light brown hair. It’s a cool alternative if you don’t want to go for the regular black.

Well played Mr. Shannon, well played.



Our Attaboy style is still the best bet. It’s a good thing we got you color covered. Rock it in brown and match it with a tweed jackets and autumn scarfs! Your elegant Red Carpet look will not go unnoticed.

Brown Navigator sunglasses
The Attaboy Navigator Sunglasses – Get yours here !

Vince Vaugh

Hollywood funny guy Vince Vaugh was a presenter last night and we loved his classic look.

No the one for fashion risks, Vince came dressed in an all black tux matched with a rectangular black acetate frame. He often wears eyewear – both in his private life and on screen – but we think this was just the right choice for him. Unpretentious. Simple. Elegant.



If you want to keep it on the low then Hill rectangular glasses are the right choice. Emulate Vince’s look with these simple beauties that are perfect for any mature man look.

The black colorway makes them easy to match with almost anything. Also, remember the rules of choosing eyewear for your face shape. These rectangular eyeglasses have angular features which should be mellowed out by a round, oval or otherwise curvy face .

Rectangular black eyeglasses trend
Vint & York Hill Eyeglasses – Get yours here !
golden globes glasses 2017
Dapper glasses by Vint&York

John Turturo

Nominated for his role in the haunting mini-series The Night Of , John Turturo surprised us with a rather unexpected look. The actor known for his unorthodox looks came dressed in a lovely tuxedo and wore a pair of brown round eyeglasses made from acetate.

The look wonderful on his and we might just say that he’s one of the best appearances of the night. Right on, John!

john-turturro eyeglasses golden globes


Try on our Billy B frame in a smooth wooden finish and surprise everybody in your life.

These elegant frames feature a keyhole bridge which makes them really comfortable – ideal for everyday wear. The brown wooden like colorway is a nice break from the conventional. If you are ready for a look change, then this is your best bet.

Billy B Wooden Finish Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

Sterling K. Brown

Nominated for his beautiful role in American Crime Story: The People V. OJ Simpson the elegant Sterling K. Brown rocked the Red Carpet in a blue suit and black/blue Aviator sunglasses .

His cool look did not go unnoticed by the ladies but he gentleman was accompanied by his wife, the beautiful actress Michelle Bath. We love the timeless Aviator as much as any other classic eyewear silhouette and Sterling definitely did it justice.



If you are looking for a new pair of Aviator sunglasses to update your accessories wardrobe then Fairbanks is the right choice. The iconic Aviator tear-shaped lens is all dressed in black for maximum elegance. The lower side of the frame is dressed in faux-leather , a detailed hard to escape.

Overall, the frame is thin and delicate so you should handle it with care.While these were the best looks from the Red Carpet we would also like to look at the ones on screen.

Vint and York Fairbanks Sunglasses – Get yours here !

Billy Bob Thorton

Cool guy Billy Bob Thorton scored another Golden Globe and picked up his award wearing round brown sunglasses that matched his tie, hair, and even the golden statue.

billy bob thornton golden globes sunglasses

The lenses are just dark enough so you can wear them indoors – a bit of a fashion risk but you’re a rebel, aren’t you?


Be as cool as Billy Bob in our Juice Joint frame.

Vint & York Juice Joint Round classic sunglasses
Juice Joint Sunglasses – Get yours here !

The round sunglasses are made from thin metal and feature gradient lenses. Rock on!

Joel Edgerton

While we weren’t able to get a shot of Joel wearing frames on the Red Carpet, someone snapped a photo of him while dining inside the Globes venue.


The Midnight Special and Loving star rocked a sweet pair of round acetate glasses with a keyhole nose bridge that made him look like a regular good schoolboy. It was a great look to go with his tux but then again, most things will look good on Joel.


Get the good boy look with our Swanky round glasses.

round plastic eyeglasses
Swanky Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

Thin and beautiful, these delicate frames are a great fit for artistic people and those who work in an indoor environment. Match them with smart outfits!

Frames worn On-Screen

On screen, this year’s characters gave us a multitude of looks which both surprised and inspired us.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy

Colin Farrell – The Lobster as David

For his role in The Lobster handsome Colin Farrel wore a pair of rimless round eyeglasses. While the look resonated with his character we also recommend it for those willing to give the geek look a shot.



Worn by the likes of Steve Jobs and John Lennon, round thin metal eyeglasses are highly bohemian. A fashion statement of the free-spirited, round eyeglasses could mean a break from the conventional lifestyle you have been living.

Gold Metal Round Eyeglasses
Razz Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

Jonah Hill – War Dogs as Efraim Diveroli

As crazy as Jonah Hill’s character is in War Dogs , it’s undeniable that he has style. Efrain wears a pair of very cool oversized acetate Aviators that make life a whole lot more exciting.

jonah-hill-war-dogs-aviator sunglasses


While you won’t instantly become an arms dealer we suggest you give the Western Front a try. The oversized aviators dressed in a tortoise shell patter n are stylish and cool. The talk of the town. Don’t be afraid to show off your wild side.

oversized aviator sunglasses war dogs
Western Front Aviator Sunglasses – Get yours here !

Best Supporting Actor Performance in a Motion Picture – Drama, Musical or Comedy

Jeff Bridges – Hell or High Water as Marcus Hamilton

Cowboy and alpha male Jeff Bridges exemplifies why we are so in love with the Navigator trend.

In his latest movie, Hell or Hight Water, he rocks manly oversized Navigator sunglasses that your dad would be proud to have. We, however, recommend a more laidback version of them.

jeff-briges-hell-or-high-water navigator sunglasses


The Bryant Navigators are wide, tall and emulate that rugged masculine look. The straight, flat browline and straight bridge leave no room for interpretations. You are decisive in your actions and waste no time on trivial things. Fashion is just something that happens to come naturally.

Vint & York Bryant Navigators
Vint & York Bryant Navigators – Get yours here !

Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama

Matthew Rhys – The Americans as Philip Jennings

Our favorite spy team is back for a new season and also got nominated for a Golden Globe. Russian spy Phillip Jennings wears a lot of eyeglasses to hide his true identity and from last year’s season, we loved his round metal frames .

Not only do they make him look inconspicuous but they revive that 60’s 70’s feeling when hippie movements were on the rise.



The Big Timer metal frame is perfect for emulating the spy look or looking hipsterish cool. Round and simple, this metal frame is true to the saying that simple is better. You don’t need a lot to look good and if unpretentious is your style then this is the way to go.

metal round eyeglasses
Big Timer Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

Liev Schreiber – Ray Donovan as Raymond “Ray” Donovan

The modern day Tony Soprano lives his life of crime in downtown LA. Ray Donovan may be a lot of things but he is not a man without a sense of style.


Rocking the Navigators like literally every cool dude this year he preserves his poker face while he stylishly fixes the problems of LA celebs.


Firstly, please don’t beat people up. It’s just not right. But try to look like Ray because he is a man of style. With the Attaboy blue Navigators, you can get all the swag without having to carry around a baseball bat. You’ve seen them before. You know what they’re all about.

Navigator sunglasses
The Attaboy Navigator Sunglasses – Get yours here !

Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy

Jeffrey Tambor – Transparent as Maura Pfefferman

The latest season of Transparent made us laugh a lot and again appreciate Maura’s exquisite taste in eyeglasses . Played by the phenomenal Jeffrey Tambor , she rocks round acetate frames with angular temples. Now, this is great taste for an old lady but you can do with something younger.

jeffrey tambor transparent eyeglasses


Look as interesting as Maura does with the Madison eyeglasses. The curvy frame features the angular temples and has an i nside tortoise shell pattern . This detail will delight those with a passion for double sided accessories.

Madison Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy

Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Veep as Selina Meyer

With another year in office, Julia Dreyfus keep rocking interesting and attractive eyewear. This year she schooled us with a rectangular acetate frame that emulates a somewhat geeky look. We cannot stop marveling at how many pieces of eyewear work with this woman’s profile.

ulia Louis Dreyfus veep eyeglasses


Prepare to assume a position of power with Vint & York’s Sky eyeglasses.

The rectangular thin frame looks amazing in plain colors such as black. The simple and uncomplicated design suggest that it is best worn by a mature woman. It is also designed to be matched with smart outfits.

Sky Rectangular Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

Best Performance by an Actor in a Miniseries or Television Film

Bryan Cranston – All the Way as President Lyndon B. Johnson

Taking office as President Lyndon B. Johnson, Cranston tries to emulate the former president as much as he can – down to the eyeglasses.

-Bryan Cranston-Lyndon B Johnson eyeglasses

He wears a club master frame, suited for a man of his position. Bright colors or risky combinations would be inappropriate for a President but this choice is spot on.

On the Red Carpet, Heisenberg matched his outfit with a pair of clear/beige square eyeglasses.

bryan cranston golden globes 2017 eyeglasses

Narrow and delicate, these frames were a great choice in terms of color and style. Fashionable as always Mr. White!


Vint & Yorks club master frame is called the Fitzgerald and is as attractive as one of the author’s novels. Made from a balanced mixture of metal and acetate, The Fitzgerald compliments men or women with a strong personality.

Vint and York Fitzgerald Eyeglasses
Vint and York Fitzgerald Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

For Mr. Cranston’s red carpet look we recommend you go with the Hester clear frame.

clear frame square eyeglasses
Hester Clear Eyeglasses – Get yours here!

Courtney B. Vance – The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story as Johnnie Cochran

Reviving a character as vivid and colorful as Johnny Cochran takes talent and attention to details. Thus, Courtney B. Vance decided to use almost identical eyeglasses and suits. Seen here is one of the lawyer’s favorite looks – tortoise shell round acetate eyeglasses .

Courtney V Vance as Johnny Cochran Round Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses


Get your own verdict with Vint & York’s Swanky eyeglasses. A treat for colorful personalities, these beautiful frames will draw attention and compliments to your style.

Vint and York Swanky Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

Best Supporting Performance by an Actor in a Series, Miniseries or Television Film

Sterling K. Brown – The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story as Christopher Darden

On the prosecution side of the OJ Simpson case sat Christopher Darden, district attorney and round eyeglasses wearer . Revived by actor Sterling K. Brown , his in court style did not go unnoticed by us.

Christopher Darden OJ Simpson round eyeglasses


Prepare to go to court with the smart looking Mojo round eyeglasses .

Round Eyeglasses Metal
Mojo Round Metal Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

Christian Slater – Mr. Robot as Mr. Robot / Edward Alderson

Another dominant lead male character, another view at a Navigator frame.

christian slater mr robot eyeglasses

Mr. Robot Christian Slater brings another reinterpretation of the Navigator silhouette in a brown and silver colorway. It’s almost like he chose them to match with his beige/brown outfits.


Inside the venue Christian Slater wore beautiful thin black eyeglasses with a square shape. Even though they were pretty similar to those he wore last year, we still liked them.


Confuse Rami Malek or your friends for that matter, with our brown Navigator sunglasses, the Attaboy . Exactly like Mr. Robot’s frames, these beauties have the arms covered in acetate and painted in tortoise shell.

Attaboy Navigator Sunglasses – Get yours here !

For a formal look go for the Dream On black square eyeglasses.

Dream On Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

Mr. Robot would approve of your eyewear choices!

These were the best eyeglasses and sunglasses styles from the 2017 Golden Globes.

Which ones look did you like?

Update your look with more sunglasses and eyeglasses styles!

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