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2016 Emmy Awards: See what Glasses Your Favorite Celebrities Wore!

They say that TV is the new cinema and by the looks of the celebrities that turned out for this year’s 2016 Primetime Emmy Awards, that might be true.

The best in TV has been celebrated this weekend and the looks have been some of the best in years. We saw many eyewear styles that we loved and now want to share with you. Read below and see your favorite celebrities eyewear looks both on the Red Carpet and on the screen!



Because actors live double lives, we’ve decided to showcase Red Carpet looks as well as our favorite looks from the nominated series.

We’ve structured this round-up in two parts: On the Red Carpet and On the Screen . In the first part you’ll discover what the celebrities wore at the ceremony and the second part the eyewear looks of the TV characters.

Eyeglasses worn on the Red Carpet

The Red Carpet is where you see your favorite stars flaunt gorgeous outfits in true Hollywood style. TV’s biggest celebrities have come together to celebrate another extraordinary year and to show off their best looks.

But, this year, men are the ones who have especially caught our eye. Not to say that we don’t appreciate the beautiful dresses and looks of the ladies – it’s just that we are really fond of eyewear and at tonight’s Primetime Emmys, the men excelled in that department.

Let’s have a look at our favorite eyewear looks from the 2016 Primetime Emmy’s Red Carpet.

Andy Samberg

Andy Samberg with Kit Harrington Emmys 2016 Eyeglasses
Andy Samberg with Kit Harrington at the 2016 Emmys

Square seemed to be men’s preferred eyeglasses shape at this year’s Primetime Emmys. Comedian Andy Samberg wore a beautiful blue tuxedo paired with a pair of acetate eyeglasses in dual colors.

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Men Eyeglasses Black and Clear frame
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Pedro Pascal – Game of Thrones

Pedro Pascal Emmys 2016 Eyeglasses
Pedro Pascal Emmys 2016 Eyeglasses

As the series wrapped up its sixth season, Game of Thrones actor Pedro Pascal was at the Emmy’s to show support for his former colleagues.

He wore a beautiful black pair of square, straight browline eyeglasses .

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Black Square Eyeglasses with keywhole
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Fred Armisen – Portlandia

Fred Armisen Emmys 2016 Eyeglasses
Comedian Fred Armisen in thick square eyeglasses

Fred Armisen always wears eyeglasses and at the awards ceremony, he went with a thick square eyeglasses pair to match with his all black look . Though he didn’t win for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series, he won us over with his frames.

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Square Black Eyeglasses
Dapper Square Black Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

Courtney B. Vance – The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story

Courtney B Vance Emmys 2016 Eyeglasses
Courtney B. Vance Emmys 2016 Eyeglasses

American Crime Story lead actor Courtney B. Vance has left home with an award for his incredible portrayal of lawyer Johnnie Cochran.

He went with a standard black and white tuxedo but complimented his look a pair of rectangular brown eyeglasses made from thick acetate.

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Square Eyeglasses tortoise shell
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Chris Rock

Chris Rock Eyeglasses Emmys 2016
Chris Rock at the 2016 Emmys

Oscars host and comedian Chris Rock had one of the most elegant looks, complimented by a pair of thick rectangular eyeglasses painted in beautiful black.

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hipster eyeglasses for men
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What Glasses Celebrities wore in TV Shows

Here we will look at what frames the characters in the show are rocking.

There have been a lot of great performances this year, yet we’ve selected those which have bewildered us with choices in eyewear fashion.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

This award celebrates talent for leading ladies in Comedy Series. Our favorite looks, however, are those that include eyewear, so this year we rooted for winner Selina Meyer .

Selina Meyer Veep Eyeglasses
Julia Dreyfus as Selina Meyer in Veep

Another year in the office, another year on the show. Comedy show VEEP is again nominated in several categories including Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series as well as Outstanding Comedy Series.

This is much due to Julia Dreyfus’s magical interpretation of the rattle-head POTUS Selina Meyer. Her overall looks as President are flawless so kudos to the costume team.

In the show, Selina Meyer wears a lot of eyeglasses , including this gorgeous pair of square frames . The eyeglasses are black on the top and clear at the bottom while the overall frame is made from thick acetate. Very Presidential!

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eyeglasses black and clear
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Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

Outstanding men that have played characters with outstanding eyewear taste! Our number one pick for this year is Mr. Jeffrey Tambor who has one an award for hist interpretation !

Jeffrey Tambor Transparent eyeglasses
Jeffrey Tambor in Transparent

In the Amazon’s Transparent, Jeffrey Tambor plays old woman Maura Pfefferman and does not disappoint. The latest season of Amazon’s comedy flagship show has brought us to tears of laughter but also in appreciation of Maura’s interesting taste in eyeglasses .

She might be an old lady but her choice in frames is exquisite. She’s going for round eyeglasses with a keyhole bridge in clear and red.

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clear frames for men
Keen eyeglasses frames

Outstanding Comedy Series

Besides VEEP and Transparent there are some other good shows that are nominated for this award. While individual performances were not recognized as much as for the previous shows, the characters in them still have a great style.

Modern Family – Ariel Winter as Alex Dunphy

Alex Dunphy Modern Family Eyeglasses
Alex Dunphy in Modern Family

Teen Alex is rarely seen without her black frame eyeglasses and we love every moment that she’s on screen!

Her choice of frames is somewhat typical to that of any regular student. She opts for simple rectangular frames that compliment her round face. The beautiful Ariel Winter often wears sunglasses in her day-to-day Instagram posts.

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Vint and York Java Eyeglasses
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Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

Enough laughs for one year, this is where we get serious. The variety of drama series this year has been overwhelming and they are all very good. We recommend that you watch them all.

But we are here for the eyewear looks and Matthew Rhys on The Americans takes home the prize for the most stylish character.

The Americans Eyeglasses
Matthew Rhys as Philip Jennings in The Americans

Besides being nominated for Best Actor, Matthew Rhys’s character has given us a great perspective into the 80’s style culture.

Philip Jennings, the lead character in the spy drama The Americans often rocks Aviator frames because what else is a KGB agent posing as an American going to wear? Right on Phil!

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Aviator sunglasses for men
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Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

There are a lot of impressive performances from leading actresses this year. Empire, House of Cards and The Americans have all been nominated in this category and while we won’t take sides, we will explain why we love these characters.

Taraji P. Henson as Cookie Lyon on Empire

Taraji P henson Oversized Square sunglasses
Taraji P. Henson as Cookie Lyon In Empire

Music industry heavyweight Cookie Lyon is on her game in the latest season of the musical drama Empire. Her eyewear style is in unison with her confident and defiant attitude. We congratulate the beautiful Taraji on her performance and the costumes team on their inspired eyewear picks.

Get the look!

Cookie Lyon opts for loud eyewear pieces such as these beautiful oversized square glasses . She even matches the frames with her red outfit and oversized earrings. This is a woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to go out and get it.

Oversized cat eye sunglasses
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Keri Russell as Elizabeth Jennings on The Americans

Keri Russell The Americans Eyeglasses frames
Keri Russell as Elizabeth Jennings on The Americans

Like her counterpart Matthew Rhys, Kerri Russell was nominated for her leading role in the Americans. The second part of the KGB duo completes her 80’s inspired looks with thick frame square eyeglasses painted in beautiful tortoiseshell patterns.

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(Though beware that spy stories never end well! Just saying…)

Dapper Square Eyeglasses in Tortoise shell
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Robin Wright as First Lady Claire Underwood on House of Cards

As opposed to the spies who are working to destroy America our own First Lady Claire Underwood is working to get her husband elected again the Netflix’s latest installment of House of Cards.

Claire Underwood Eyeglasses
Robin Wright as First Lady Claire Underwood on House of Cards

On of our favorite on-screen characters, Claire Underwood has an amazing style. Her outfits, hair styles, and accessories are like a magnet that keeps us glued to Netflix’s shows. That and the cunningness of the Underwoods.

While she rocks many different frames throughout the season, our favorite looks are always her simplest.

Get the look!

Mrs. Underwood is wreaking havoc while wearing a beautiful thick brown frame with roundish lenses . Assume the role of the First Lady with Vint & York’s W44 Eyeglasses.

W44 Brown Round Eyeglasses
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Outstanding Drama Series

While he didn’t get the Best Actor nomination, Mr. Robot, Christian Slater , is also worth mentioning as an eyewear enthusiast.

Christian Slates Mr Robot sunglasses
Christian Slater as Mr. Robot on Mr. Robot

His manly Navigator sunglasses style is consistent with his anti-capitalist look. His Navigators have a straight browline as if it were a symbol of the serious topics that the character discusses.

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Vint & York Bryant Navigators
Vint & York Bryant Navigators – Get yours here !

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie

The limited series is a “limited” chance to tell a compelling story. This year’s nominees have brought to life familiar characters of American culture as well as some immortal retro eyewear styles.

Bryan Cranston, as President Lyndon B. Johnson on All the Way

Bryan Cranston eyeglasses
Bryan Cranston as Lyndon Johnson

Walter White has abandoned his meth empire and this year leads America during its Cold War period as president Lyndon B. Johnson.

Cranston is phenomenal in the role and has the glasses to prove that he is a committed leader. Johson’s signature pair was a revamp of The Clubmaster eyeglasses with a black browline .

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Vint and York Fitzgerald Eyeglasses
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Courtney B. Vance, as Johnnie Cochran on The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story

This year saw the re-broadcast of the Trial of The Century in the form of FX’s American Crime Story.

Courtney V Vance Round Tortoise Shell Eyeglasses
Courtney B. Vance as Johnnie Cochran on The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story

The historic drama about the O.J. Simpson hiatus brought back a lot of memories and a lot of forgotten characters. Amongst them a rising star in the form o f Courtney B. Vance .

Vance took the role of powerhouse lawyer Johnnie Cochran and killed it. It’s like we were in the 90’s all over again and we absolutely loved it. Congratulations on his win!

While preparing for the role of Cochran the actor chose to use almost the exact type of frames that the lawyer used during the OJ trial.

Get the look!

We’re talking about a pair eyeglasses in a slim acetate frame, with a metal nose piece . A colorful character, Cochran went with a deep tortoise shell pattern that he matched with his ties.

Object to his honor while wearing Vint & York’s Jordan eyeglasses and you might win the appeal.

vintage eyeglasses
Jordan eyeglasses frames

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie

Supporting actors sometimes outshine leading characters in acting, style and charisma. Their dynamic on screens brings value to the show and the story. You guys might be familiar with this year’s supporting actors as they are as famous as they are talented.

Hugh Laurie, as Richard Onslow Roper on The Night Manager

Hugh Laurie Wayfarer sunglasses
Hugh Laurie as Richard Onslow in The Night Manager

Yes, doctor House in the house with a new role as Richard Onslow in the arms dealing drama The Night Manager.

With his role, he scored a supporting actor nomination and is as cool as ever in black Wayfarer sunglasses. If you haven’t seen The Night Manager we strongly recommend that you go and do so because it’s amazing.

Get the look!

A nice pair of Wayfarer sunglasses should always be welcomed into your wardrobe.

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Vint & York Old School Sunglasses
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David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian on The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story

Robert Kardashian Round Metal Eyeglasses
David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian in The People V. O.J. Simpson

Friends superstar David Schwimmer takes an important part in the FX’s O.J. Simpson drama as O.J.’s friend and councilor Robert Kardashian.

Like Kardashian, Schwimmer rocks slim metal frames in a round eyeglasse s look that makes him a believable and authentic character.

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Round Eyeglasses Metal
Mojo Round Metal Eyeglasses – Get yours here !

Well, these are the best glasses styles from the 2016 Emmy’s. What were your favorites?

You can see more sunglasses and eyeglasses styles on our site!

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