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Eyecare New Year Resolutions To Help Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Many of us start each new year by creating a list of goals to create new opportunities and improve ourselves. Often, our resolutions revolve around boosting our health as we show love to our bodies. Our eyes provide a window to the world and allow us to experience life’s beauty. To help inspire your objectives for 2024, we’ve suggested some eyecare New Year resolutions to help keep your eyes healthy. 

Plan an Annual Eye Exam

Make it a point to schedule an annual eye exam to get fitted for a new pair of glasses—or your first pair, if your eyesight has only recently declined. Regularly seeing an ophthalmologist helps you keep your prescription up-to-date and increases the chance of detecting any vision problems or eye diseases early.

Moreover, wearing glasses or contact lenses with an outdated prescription can lead to unnecessary eyestrain and headaches. Your ophthalmologist will do various tests to check your nearsighted and farsighted visual ability.

Protect Your Eyes

Your next resolution to help keep your eyes healthy this year should be to protect them as often as possible. There are specific types of eyewear that can aid in this process. Let’s delve into two such types: blue light glasses and sunglasses.

Wear Blue Light Glasses

Nowadays, most of us spend a great deal of time in front of screens, whether for work, education, or entertainment. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to screen-emitted blue light can cause eye discomfort and disrupt sleep patterns. 

Blue light glasses filter out the harmful blue light that computers, phones, and tablet screens emit. Most eyewear retailers sell this lens option in prescription and non-prescription glasses so that all wearers can protect their eyes.

Pro Tip

Take breaks from screen time every 20 minutes to look away around the room for at least 20 seconds. This quick pause gives your eyes a break from the screen and blue light emission.

Wear Sunglasses Outside

Just as our skin needs protection from the sun’s UV rays, so do our eyes. Overexposure to these rays can lead to serious eye conditions like cataracts or macular degeneration. In 2024, make it a habit to wear sunglasses whenever you are outside, especially during peak sunlight hours.

If you regularly wear prescription glasses, consider purchasing transition lenses or a separate pair of prescription sunglasses to ensure constant protection.

Invest in Quality Eyewear

Remember that not all eyewear is created equal. Good-quality eyewear can significantly enhance your comfort and visual experience—and it looks stylish as well.

At Vint & York, you’ll find luxury glasses frames for women and men. We have many options for luxury eyewear in various shapes, styles, and materials. Enter your prescription when placing your order, or you can buy trendy, non-prescription lenses. Dedicate the new year to looking stylish while also protecting your eyes and health. 

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