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Top 2024 Styles of Sunglasses for Women

Top 2024 Styles of Sunglasses for Women

The right sunglasses can transform your outfit from basic to chic. With 2024 almost here, it’s time to look for glasses to add to your new year’s wardrobe. Vint & York offers a wide selection of sunglasses for women, so you can rest assured you’ll find something suitable for your unique style. Here are some top styles we expect to trend in 2024. 


Oversized Sunglasses 

These sunglasses are edgy with a hint of class and vintage. They’re suitable for anyone looking for bold eyewear as they draw attention to your face. 

The sunglasses are also practical in the summer as they can give you more protection from UV rays by covering a more significant portion of your face than regular-sized glasses. Their size also makes them ideal for days you don’t feel like wearing much makeup. 

Oversized sunglasses can be suitable for any face shape as they come in different shapes and styles. Consider our Piazza glasses if you have a heart, round, oval, or oblong face shape, and our Grandiose luxury collection if you have a square face shape. The collections are handcrafted with high-quality Italian acetate, so you can rest assured these sunglasses will look good and serve you for a long time. They’re a worthwhile investment if boldness is one of your 2024 goals. 


Angular Sunglasses 

Angular sunglasses are expected to maintain popularity in the coming year, as they have a futuristic architectural appeal that’s difficult to ignore. These sunglasses are already doing their rounds, with famous trendsetters like Rihanna and Bella Hadid adding them to their impressive collections. Angular sunglasses are suitable for all face shapes but are especially popular among people with delicate facial features. 

Our Coffee House and Diletta angular frames are among our most popular for sunglasses. They’re suitable for women with oval, oblong, heart, and round faces because of their sharp angles. Our sunglasses are made with premium components to guarantee maximum comfort and durability.


Vintage Inspired Sunglasses 

Vintage sunglasses are popular because people enjoy classic styles. They’ve been popular for decades, with celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn wearing them back in the day and modern celebrities like Beyonce and Kendall Jenner bringing them back to the limelight. The glasses have a chic feel that can make you stand out from the crowd and accentuate your femininity. 

Vint & York’s cat-eye sunglasses are the perfect vintage inspired addition to your wardrobe. The glasses have a retro appeal that can add enough mystery to your outfit to have people turn their heads. Some of our popular retro glasses include Bombshell, Primavista, and Audrey. These glasses are especially suitable for women with narrow chins and foreheads, as their width balances these features. You can dress them up with colorful outfits to make a fashion statement. 


Nerdy Sunglasses 

Nerdy sunglasses are making a comeback as statement pieces. They feature slightly oversized frames that can highlight your features, making you appear more attractive. As their name suggests, the glasses have a geek-chic appeal. 

Vint & York can add prescription lenses to your nerdy sunglasses if you have eyesight difficulties or use regular lenses if you want the glasses to be a statement piece. We have everything ranging from casual and simple to bold and daring in our nerdy collection. Consider our Java frames for the former and the Cecile frames for the latter. 


Hipster Sunglasses 

Hipster sunglasses are suitable for anyone looking to embrace an alternative style. They can add quirkiness to your wardrobe and blend well with whatever aesthetic you have going on. 

Vint & York offers something for every woman in our Hipster style collection. The Charleston is ideal for any woman looking to shake up their style in 2024, while the Belle is suitable for women looking for a delicate yet elegant addition to their wardrobe. Our Charleston sunglasses are ideal for people with oval, round, square, oblong, and heart face shapes, whereas our Belle sunglasses are ideal for women with medium to wide faces.


How to Choose the Right Sunglasses for Women 

Our sunglasses can elevate your look in the coming year if you choose right. When choosing sunglasses, consider your face shape, as not all will be ideal for you. Women with oval face shapes can look good in many sunglasses since their faces are longer than they are wide.

Those with round faces would look good oversized sunglasses since they have straight lines that can balance out round features. Women with square face shapes should choose sunglasses with soft lines or no rims, as these can soften their features. Women with heart- or diamond-shaped faces could choose vintage options like cat-eye sunglasses because narrow facial features can blend well with the glasses’ wide frames. Our site provides a try-on feature that allows you to see how you’d look in different sunglasses. This feature is ideal if you’re unsure which frames would best suit your face shape. 


Stay Trendy in 2024

You can redefine your 2024 style by investing in quality sunglasses for women. Styles that’ll likely gain popularity in 2024 include the oversized style, the nerdy style, the vintage style, and the hipster style. 

Vint & York offers some of the best and most unique glass designs in the market. We have options for every woman regardless of their preferred style. Contact us to learn more about our options for 2024. 

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