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Why UV Protective Eyewear Is a Must During Winter

Why UV Protective Eyewear Is a Must During Winter

The temperatures may drop as winter approachesbut that doesn't mean you should store your sunglasses for the season. Despite the cooler weather, the sun's ultraviolet rays still shine on the earth and threaten our eye health. To help you protect your eyes this winter, we'll explain why UV-protective eyewear is a must during winter.

The Persistent Threat of the Sun's Rays

It's a common misconception that we only need to protect our eyes from the sun during the summer. In truth, ultraviolet rays can be just as harmful in winter. Over time, they can damage the sensitive tissues of the eye and put you at risk of developing cataracts and macular degeneration. 

If you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, or other winter activities in the mountains, the chance of visual damage is even greater if you don't protect your eyes. This can occur in higher altitudes where the air is thinner and absorbs less UV radiation, increasing your exposure.

The Added Advantage

UV protective glasses are physical barriers against sunlight and debris. Wind can carry snow and ice, which can cause discomfort and potentially damage your eyes.

Minimizing the Risk of Eyestrain

Another reason UV protective eyewear is a must during winter is because it can reduce the risk of eyestrain. The bright snow and overcast skies of winter landscapes can create glare that is hard on the eyes. This can lead to eye soreness, dryness, and fatigue. UV protective glasses can protect your eyes by filtering out UV light and reducing glare.

Combatting Snow Blindness

One of the lesser-known hazards of winter is snow blindness, a painful condition caused by overexposure to UV rays reflecting off the snow. This can lead to a temporary loss of vision and extreme discomfort. Thankfully, wearing UV protective eyewear reduces the effects of snow blindness by blocking out these harmful rays.

Invest in Quality Eyewear

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