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Trendy Celebrity Sunglass Styles in 2023

Trendy Celebrity Sunglass Styles in 2023

At Vint & York, we have spent over a decade specializing in blending nostalgic vintage and contemporary designs and keeping tabs on emerging trends in everything eyewear. Our company offers premium-quality sunglasses for women and men, and we have an extensive collection for everyone, including celebrities. Read on as our team at Vint & York looks into the top celebrity sunglass styles to expect in 2023. 

4 Trendy 2023 Celebrity Sunglass Styles 

 Sunglass trends can change quickly, but some styles have maintained popularity for decades. From oversized lenses to eco-friendly frames, Vint & York has all your 2023 style needs covered. Here are four trendy celebrity sunglass styles to keep your eye on for 2023:

1. Customized Prescription Sunglasses

Customized sunglasses optimize lens and frame features to meet your needs. These sunglasses are made fit your face whether you seek oversized styles or minimalist aviator frames. Prescription lenses prioritize corrective function, but you can still add prescription lenses to customized frames bearing the characteristics of luxury eyewear (quality, low maintenance, and aesthetics).

Prescription sunglasses have corrective lenses prescribed by an eye doctor that correct your vision and protect you from UV rays. You can order prescription sunglasses with distance lenses, reading lenses, single-vision lenses, bifocals, and progressive lenses. These sunglasses are great for outdoors and offer maximum protection for your eyes. Prescription sunglasses are safe for driving as they're customized to meet your vision needs. Choosing prescription eyewear with customized framing gives you comfort and a perfect fit.

2. Oversized Sunglasses

The oversized sunglass is a nostalgic 1970s design featuring big frames with a sleek style. Oversized sunglasses are a staple in high-fashion sunglasses for women, and they offer elements of luxury and elegance. If you're looking for a more dramatic sunglass style, large frames are a great choice and among the top trends for 2023. 

The oversized sunglass is an exciting design with unique options for men and women, including the oversized angular, which offers geometric shapes with hued luxe neutrals and tinted lenses. At Vint & York, we stock premium oversized sunglasses, including best-sellers like Belle, Ritzy, Copa, Keen, Stella, Coffee House, and Pronto. We have a wide range of oversized glasses with unique frame designs and various styles: tortoiseshell markings, solid colors, round, square, and cat-eye.

3. Eco-Friendly Sunglasses

As consumers continue to shift toward more eco-conscious choices, green sunglasses are poised to trend in 2023. An increased focus on sustainability within the fashion industry has led to a rise in eco-friendly products. At Vint & York, we continuously examine our connection between technology and nature to find the best balance. We use plant-based acetate tortoiseshell frames and other sustainable recyclable materials to reduce our impact on the environment. 

Our sustainable glasses are matched with fitting green shades and tones. You can find chromatic, acidic, and organic colors like cyber lime green and emerald. We have eco-friendly acetate frames with punchy, bright green or transparent, olive green for classic office days. While the green-colored frames make these sunglasses appear more eco-conscious, their sustainability has more to do with the materials. Jump on this eco-friendly trend and check out our collection of green sunglasses for women and men.

4. Tinted Sunglasses

Tinted sunglasses were all the rage at the Coachella music festival in April 2022 and their popularity is expected to continue into 2023 as one of the leading trends. The tinted sunglasses offer a modern retro style that's perfect for both the music festival scene and everyday wear. Because the tint is applied only to the lenses, you can find tinted sunglasses with any frame.

Tinted lenses work well with aviator-style, rimless, and monotone rimmed frames, all of which have the potential to trend in 2023. At Vint & York we have variety of tinted sunglasses across all frame styles including round, square, cat-eye, geometric, aviator, and rectangle. Tinted lenses are available in warm hues like yellow, orange, red, magenta, metallic, and pastels. We also carry high-quality, luxury fashion sunglasses with lenses of various hues. 

Premium Luxury Sunglasses for Women and Men

Finding luxury sunglasses can be effortless when you shop with a reputable eyewear brand like Vint & York. We’ve been providing premium quality sunglasses that meld the essence of nostalgia with classic and contemporary designs since 2012. We've been around long enough to see eyewear trends emerge, decline, and resurface looking better than ever. With that in mind, our sunglasses are designed for the modern nostalgic.

Our shop stocks an extensive collection of luxury eyewear spanning all categories and styles for high-fashion women and men. We have round, square, rectangle, cat-eye, aviator, oval, and geometric shapes. Some of our style options include vintage, hipster, classic, geek chic, and low bridge.

All sunglasses at Vint & York are designed for style, functionality, and longevity, so you can stay on trend for all of 2023.

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