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The Best Way to Clean Eyeglasses

The Best Way to Clean Eyeglasses

Clean eyeglasses are essential for clear vision and comfort. Regularly maintaining your eyeglasses not only ensures that you see the world in its most accurate form but also extends the lifespan of your lenses and frames. Dirty or smudged glasses can prevent you from being able to focus, causing eye strain and discomfort. Moreover, unclean eyeglasses can harbor harmful bacteria and allergens, which may lead to eye infections or irritations. In this fast-paced world where visual clarity is essential, taking a few minutes to clean your eyeglasses can make a significant difference in your daily life, enhancing both your vision and overall well-being. Here’s the best way to clean your eyeglasses.


How To Clean Your Eyeglasses: The Best Way

The Best Way to Clean Eyeglasses - How To Clean Your Eyeglasses: The Best Way

1. Wash your hands thoroughly. This is an important step so you do not transfer any oils, dirt, or germs from your hands to your glasses.

2. Turn on the faucet and place your glasses under the stream of water. Rinse them thoroughly, including the lenses and frames. Cool to slightly warm water works best for this as it will help dislodge any dust or gunk, but do not use hot water or you may risk damaging the specialized coating on your lenses.

3. Using a lotion-free dish soap, add one to two drops to your fingertips. You can also use a lotion-free hand soap if you do not have any dish soap. What’s important is that the soap you use is enough to cut through any grease, oils, or dirt stuck on your glasses.

4. Using the pads of your fingers, gently rub your glasses to clean them. Make sure to clean every part of your glasses, including the temples of the frame and the nose pads. It is also important to clean the area where the edge of your lenses meets the frame as dust, skin oils, and other debris can frequently accumulate there.

5. Once you are done cleaning, use a gentle stream of cool to slightly warm water to rinse your glasses and your hands. This will wash away any residual dirt.

6. To remove most of the water on the lenses, gently shake your glasses over the sink. Inspect them carefully to make sure they are clean.

7. Dry your hands with a lint-free towel or cloth once you’ve finished cleaning your glasses to avoid transferring any new dust or dirt onto your cleaned glasses.

8. Lastly, gently dry your glasses with a lint-free towel or cloth. Hold them up to the light and look for any remaining smudges or lingering debris. If they look clean and clear, then you can use them again. If not, try repeating the process.


The Bottom Line

The Best Way to Clean Eyeglasses - The Bottom Line

Maintaining clear vision and protecting the frames and lenses of your glasses can be accomplished by taking a few easy cleaning measures. Paper towels, napkins, tissues, and toilet paper are a few home items that shouldn't be used when cleaning your glasses. These paper products can scratch, smear, or leave lenses covered with lint. Avoid glass or surface cleaners when cleaning your glasses as they can harm the lens coating.

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