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Spring 2023 Eyewear Trends

Spring 2023 Eyewear Trends

Daylight savings has hit; the weather is warming and the days are brighter, encouraging more people to wear sunglasses. While planning your spring styles, remember to include your eyewear from Vint & York. With New York Fashion Week still fresh in the rearview mirror, there are many great looks to adopt and adapt as spring approaches. Models and celebrities sported everything from chunky-rimmed glasses to sleek, sporty frames. Whether you’re looking for sunglasses for women, or a new pair of men’s eyeglasses, Vint & York can help you capture your favorite Fashion Week trend for spring.

Round Frames

With a focus on big and bright at New York Fashion Week, you’ll likely see bolder variations on the classic round frames this spring season. Extra thick frames in dramatic colors or very large frames emphasizing the lower face are popular at the moment. Round frames can be used to accentuate the brows or leave room for dramatic under-eye makeup to shine. Vint & York is prepared for this spring trend with styles like the Moll or Apollo. Our Paramount round frames come in bold colors and are also suited to this trend.

Wire Frames

Wire frames suit more subtle styles, and have enjoyed some spotlight recently in celebrity fashion. Zendaya has caught some eyes while wearing wire frames in public and in recent commercial work. Due to the fine edges of these frames, accent colors benefit from being very bold, such as bright red or blue. Past trends have confined wire frame styles to small, often rectangular formats, but other variations are gaining popularity. Consider trying a round frame set or an oversized one, both featured at New York Fashion Week.

Large & Angular Frames

Oversized and angular styles are trending in eyewear fashion this spring. This style is excellent for springtime sunglasses fashion because it combines style and functionality. The large lenses create a bold look while also providing more coverage to protect your eyes from the sun. Choose anything from tinted lenses to tortoiseshell frames when joining this trend; the large frame size will amplify your desired statement. Vint & York's Bellisimo or Glitterati designs fit comfortably into this spring fashion trend.

Clear Frames

As maximalist makeup trends have emerged, space has grown for clear frames to trend this spring, letting makeup take center stage. Despite being transparent, clear frames are great for helping create spring looks. By using different frame shapes and sizes, you can accentuate your makeup work in different ways. Large frames create a more open canvas feel, while smaller frames can put focus on how the makeup brightens your eye color. Vint & York’s collection includes clear choices for frames at every size, from the compact Stretta to the large Copa style.

Cat-eye Sunglasses for Women

Cat-eye frames are a bold and trendy staple for women's sunglasses this spring. Modern fashion has added to the cat-eye appeal with a new emphasis on different frame features. Updates to the corner flares can soften or exaggerate the attitude they portray. This is seen in our Rare Bird sunglasses, which provide extra flare with their thicker cat-eye corners. Our Myrtle frames offer a daring cat-eye look with their pointed frames and unique color combos. The wealth of new options makes it easier to find cat-eye frames that feel unique to your style. For glasses that exude confidence and attitude, the cat-eye style remains a strong contender among sunglasses for women.

Brow-line Frames for Men

Brow-line frames are making an impact on the men’s side of fashion this season. The flat-top style has topped trends for men emphasizing serious, sophisticated looks. These frames are designed with a thicker top portion and bear a new, almost futuristic look. They work just as well with dark formal colors as with bold and energetic ones, with red and black being favored among New York Fashion Week trends. Brow-line frames help emphasize facial features and expressions, adding a sense of artificial thickness to the eyebrows. Vint & York styles like the Bowery or Breezer frames are great brow-line frames for this trend.

Aviator Frames

Demonstrating their timelessness, aviators are included among spring eyewear trends for the year. Experiments with color accents in rim linings and lenses are also producing some bold combinations for more personalized wardrobes. The Vint & York aviator collection includes both vintage-inspired and modern variations for you to incorporate into your closet. For a more retro vintage look, we have our Attaboy aviator frames, complete with simple and familiar wire rims. Modern takes include the Jitterbug and the Fairbanks, which add classy accents and colors to the frames.

Athletic Frames

Sporty athletic frames were among those showcased at New York Fashion Week. Some Vint & York athletic style frames can accompany springtime debuts nicely, and keep up with people leading active lifestyles. Athletic frames are often characterized by medium thickness and sized to rest closely on the nose and cheekbones. This helps them stay secure during activities, and it also makes a strikingly sleek personal statement. Lighter acetate material for these frames also helps them resist gravity over long periods of activity. These materials lend themselves well to many color and pattern combinations, though solid and bright colors trended at New York Fashion Week.

Tinted Lenses

Tinted lenses are also trending this spring. The tinted look brings with it an air of mystery that was highlighted at New York Fashion Week. Spring trends are seeing tinted lenses in combination with a variety of frame styles, giving you more choices to match your unique style. A notable upside of this trend is that if you’re wearing tinted eyeglasses, they can double as sunglasses. Try some tinted lenses with a favorite frame style, like the Segreto or Fortes, to refine your ideal look.

Bright & Bold Colors

Bright frames are emerging as a statement trend of their own this year. This spells more options for those with bold fashion instincts and a love for every color of the rainbow. You'll find frames in different shades of yellow, pink, blue, orange, and green sharing the stage. The effects of such bright colors can be emphasized by choosing thicker frames or subdued by selecting finer frames. There is no shortage of bright and bold color choices on Vint & York frames, including our Figata and Luce frames.

Pastel Colors

Another color trend flourishing in spring 2023 is the use of pastels. Often a staple of spring fashion, pastels in glasses are excellent ways to balance professionalism and personality. The lighter tint of color lends pastels a calmer, more neutral look. This makes them versatile and easy to combine with outfits intended for many settings, from workplaces to spring outings. Pastel frames function well as a blending accessory, softly emphasizing surrounding facial features. The Ritzy and Vera frames are just a couple of the many Vint & York glasses with pastel options.

Choosing Your Frames

At Vint & York, our virtual try-on feature can help you find the right frames for your spring look. The virtual try-on lets you experiment with our styles and yours, so you can see how your favorite styles look before buying. No matter which spring Fashion Week trend suits you, from tinted lenses to bright frames, there’s something for you at Vint & York. Explore our collections to find your new favorite pair of trendy frames today.

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