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National Kiss A Ginger Day: 10 Redhead Beauties in Glasses!

National Kiss A Ginger Day: 10 Redhead Beauties in Glasses!

Today, January 12th, we celebrate the awesome National Kiss A Ginger Day all over the world! This means every redhead person you come across on this day you must smooch on a kiss onto immediately – which is more of a perk for us, but don’t tell anybody. Redheads are truly gorgeous. Add glasses their whole look becomes even better!

Did we mention how gorgeous redheads look in glasses? Take a look yourself!


lehappy clubmaster redhead eyeglasses

Luana, from , a loved NYC fashion blogger , wearing The Fitzgerald , Swinger and Juice Joint , three of Vint&York’s best sellers.

lehappy luana sunglasses

lehappy clubmasters sunglasses

Photo: The Fitzgerald, classic club master sunglasses in tortoise shell

eyeglasses for redhead luana lehappy

Photo: Juice Joint, round metallic sunglasses in gold

lehappy round hippie sunglasses

Photo: Luana wearing Swinger, round “John Lennon” sunglasses in brown

howtobearedhead hipster eyeglasses founders and twin sisters, Adrienne & Stephanie are two beauty experts on all things #redhead. Here they are wearing After Hours eyeglasses in blue and Dream On in red. Looking stunning!

oversized round sunglasses redhead

Adrienne is also strolling in Nolita wearing On the Up and Up , one of the best round styles of sunglasses. The keyhole bridge goes perfect with her red locks!

stephanie vendetti howtobearedhead beauty blogger redhead

Stephanie always Instagrams her favorite pair of sunglasses, The Draper , a thick frame aviator with a vintage inspired keyhole bridge.

redhead cat eye eyeglasses

Photo: Elaine wearing Doll Too, cat eye eyeglasses

redhead hipster eyeglasses

Photo: Elaine wearing Damme, dual color cat eye eyeglasses

redhead eyeglasses

Photo: Elaine wearing Swell, square eyeglasses
redhead hipster oversized eyeglasses

Photo: Dapper, oversized square eyeglasses in blue

round vintage eyeglasses redhead

Photo: Elaine, wearing Great Escape, vintage inspired, thick frame, round eyeglasses

redhead sunglasses

Photo: Fashion Editor Nia Anderson trying out Chelsea, round tortoise shell sunglasses with keyhole bridge

redhead retroflame blogger sunglasses

Erika Fox, a known fashion blogger at, wearing Vint&York’s BeesKnees, vintage inspired sunglasses in black and white tortoise-shell

redhead retroflame wearing sunglasses

redhead with cat eye eyeglasses

Photo:’s model wearing Coquette, cat eye eyeglasses in blue

redhead with eyeglasses

Photo:’s model wearing Chassis, rectangular cat eye eyeglasses in tortoise shell

redhead with oversized eyeglasses

Photo:’s model wearing Damme, vintage-inspired rectangular eyeglasses .

fashionsnag blogger wearing cat eye sunglasses

Jacqueline Rose, fashion blogger at, wearing BeesKnees sunglasses in classic tortoise shell .

fashionsnag blogger wearing sunglasses

What is your favorite redhead look?

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