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How to Adjust Eyeglasses

How to Adjust Eyeglasses

You may not give a second thought to eyeglasses that fit properly and comfortably, as they are seamlessly integrated into your daily routine. However, glasses that are crooked, slide down your nose, or pinch parts of your face quickly become a nuisance. Knowing how to adjust your eyeglasses can save you plenty of time without having to send them back to the shop or manufacturer. Having an inexpensive eyeglasses repair kit and a bit of patience can help make the process of adjusting your glasses easier. However, it’s also worth knowing when it might be time to take your eyeglasses to the professionals.


Adjusting Crooked Glasses

How to Adjust Eyeglasses - Adjusting Crooked Glasses

One of the most common issues with eyeglasses is that one side of the frames is higher than the other. In this case, the arms of the glasses need to be adjusted.

If the right side of your glasses tilts higher than the left, then gently bend the higher arm down at the hinge. Do the opposite if the left side is higher.

When making these adjustments, it is important to do it gradually to avoid damaging your glasses. If you have plastic frames, then you can run the arms under warm water to make them easier to adjust. Be careful not to use boiling water as this can damage your frames.


Adjusting Tight Or Loose Temples

How to Adjust Eyeglasses - Adjusting Tight Or Loose Temples

Sometimes glasses have temple arms that are straight but feel too tight or too loose. In this case, you can adjust them by bending upward or downward.

If the temples are too tight at your ears, you can bend the end of the temples slightly upward. The temple arms should bend at a 45-degree angle just behind the ear. Some glasses have temple arms with a bend that starts before the ear, so they need to be loosened.

For temple arms that are too loose, you can hold them at the bend and then pull the temples downward.

Try your glasses on several times while you are making adjustments. This will ensure that you do not bend your temple arms too much any one way and risk your glasses breaking.


Adjusting Glasses That Slide Down Your Nose

Frequently pushing your glasses up your nose can be annoying, and it is a very common problem among people who use glasses. Fortunately, tightening your glasses is quite easy to do.

If you use metal frames, then use your thumbs to narrow down the nose pads until your frames no longer slip. For plastic frames, tightening the arms is the way to go. Soak the temple arms for about a minute in warm water, then gently apply a downward and inward pressure on the ends of the arms. This allows your frames to sit better behind the ears, which should tighten the overall fit on your face and prevent slipping.


Adjusting Glasses That Pinch Your Nose

Glasses that pinch your nose can be extremely uncomfortable. Not only that, but they can also cause headaches and migraines. Fixing this will depend on the material your frames are made of.

For metal frames, widen the plastic nose pads using your thumbs until the frames fit more comfortably on your nose bridge and your face. If you wear plastic frames, soak the arms in warm water so you can bend them upward and outward for a more relaxed fix.


The Bottom Line

Adjusting your glasses is simple and can be done at home with some warm water and a basic set of tools. However, if you feel hesitant to manipulate your eyeglasses in any way, it is best to take them to a professional optician for the right adjustments.

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