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glasses for older women

Older and fabulous: Stylish Glasses that Make You Look Like a Younger Self

As you age, there is one accessory that becomes part of your day to day life and can shave off years of your look – the eyeglasses .

When it comes to style and fashion age really is just a number and your aura, sophistication and elegance can be highlighted with the right pair of glasses. If you are an older woman who loves to stay stylish, you can turn your eyewear into a fashionable accessory that will transform and enhance your look, instantly. And, of course, will make you look younger!

Here are some tips on how to choose a youthful frame and some eyeglasses examples:


glasses that make you look younger

  • The type of frame should match your face size and shape and also rest comfortable on it. Avoid glasses with a downward sweep, like aviator style glasses, as it might create an illusion of a sagging face. The last thing you want is your cheekbones to look looser than they really are.
  • Depending on if your face is round, oval, or heart shape , you will find certain shapes of frames more flattering. For a full guide of frames and face shapes, you can visit our article on choosing glasses according to your face shape .
  • Upswept eyewear like cat-eye glasses or upper half rimmed glasses can work wonders on your face and cheekbones, they visually lift the face skin to make you look younger.
  • Rimless frames are actually not such a good ide a if you want to cover your wrinkles and baggy eyes. Instead opt for oversized frames that drag attention from the things you want to hide and give your look a refresh.
  • Always choose colored frames that look good with your coloring. Look for frames that reflect your softer skin, eye, and hair color. If you don’t feel ready to go for a bold color like red, blue, green or black look for shiny or lighter frames as they will work just as well.

glasse for older women

  • Progressive lenses , sometimes called “no line or invisible line”, lenses provide a more youthful appearance by eliminating the visible lines. Check out our progressive lenses developed with Digital HD Freeform technology – the best and most advanced on the market.
  • Last but not least, pick the eyewear that fits your personality . If you are playful and outgoing, opt for a trendy oversized cat-eye. If you are more mysterious and subtle, try geek glasses or maybe you want to show off your wild side, try a color or oversized frame.

Bold Oversized Eyeglass Frames, for Definition

Oversized eyewear goes for a bold look that not only makes you stand out from the crowd, but instantly modernises your appearance. Plus, the larger frame offers a bigger view, which in case of presbyopia, a common condition that occurs after the age of 40, is certainly a bonus.

glasses that make you look younger

With these beauties you’ll surely draw attention to your face and send the message: ‘I’m a confident, bold and powerful woman’. If you’re not a fan of black frames, we suggest going with a two-tone frame colorway – the soft gradient creates a mysterious vintage effect and help you hide wrinkles and dark circles.

glasses for older women

Eyes are made to sparkle and reflect your personality and finding frames that are just right can accentuate your personal sparkle and shine. Oversized BEARCAT frame, a striking blend of classic vintage design and modern flair, allows your gorgeous eyes to shine while sporting decorative arms to show off your wild side. These frames work for day or evening wear and will help you feel confident that you look as young as you feel.

Upswept Cat Eye Glasses

Cat eye glasses are a symbol of femininity and sensuality. This particular style is a huge statement piece, so you won’t need almost any other accessory if you wear them. Not only are they styled by the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, but cat eye shape glasses can successfully correct the problem with lowered outer corners of the eyes and give that youthful look.

For aging women this is a perfect choice, cat-eye shapes have softer edges and provide a slight uplifting appearance. Just keep in mind that this form is not recommended if you have a triangular type of face.

glasses that make you look younger
Getty Images

If you want to channel some powerful vibes get inspired by amazing Oprah and his iconic look wearing our Adeline glittery cat-eye glasses. These Swarovski-glitzed eyeglasses will flatter any woman with round or oval face shape.

eyeglass frames for women over 50

glasses for older women

This small cat eye shape frame can surely boost your facial looks as well as focus its structure in the flawless manner. You will be transformed into this stylish and mysterious woman that can’t go unnoticed. This frame gives the illusion of an instant facelift and will highlight your bone structure.

glasses that make you look younger

mature glasses

As this wise saying goes: ‘Why fit in when you were born to stand out?’ This bigger, bolder and feminine Zelda frame with a hint of cat eye will highlight your sassy style, soften your face while the turned-up corners help you look more feminine.

Looking for some Hollywood vibes? The oversized glam Plaza frames are the perfect match for you. Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Scarlet Johannsen. What do all of the women have in common, aside from being gorgeous and famous of course? They all knew how to rock cat eye glasses frames and so can you.

Stylish Clear Frame Glasses , a Fresher Alternative to the “Old-Looking Rimless” Look

Think of clear glasses as a chic alternative to the more traditional rimless frames. A problem that can be successfully corrected with glasses is the lowered outer corners of the eyes. In this case, it is worth choosing clear frame glasses with a rise in the upper half. They can also brighten your face and give an optimistic look .

They offer a similar minimalistic look, but the translucence is more modern. To add extra warmth and brighten your skin tone, opt for transparent frames that have a soft blush hue to them. Clear frames are both funky and functional because they go with almost any outfit.

best glasses for a youthful look

Check out those on Annette Bening, they offer a look-at-me-not-my-glasses effec t. Get a similar update with our timeless and sophisticated The Luella frame.

Cool Round Frame Glasses

Round glasses frames are timeless which makes them a popular and great choice no matter your age. With aging you are faced with the fact that your face becomes sharper and more angular so rounded shape eyewear will come in handy.

glasses frames for older woman
Getty Images

Notice how much younger Jane Fonda looks wearing these stylish black round glasses? Give it a try with our The Roosevelt eyewear.

glasses that make you look younger

If you have a small face your feminine features are accentuated by a cool round frame , giving you a more fresh appearance. Shave years off your look with Vint & York’s SOHO rounded retro inspired frame. Black frames are universally flattering and go well with a light skin tone.

glasses for older women

Look at lovely Blythe Dinner wearing tortoiseshell round glasses. Round acetate glasses such as Vint & York’s Owl are thicker and fashionable , a great choice for a classy sophisticated woman like you who follows fashion trends.

Beautiful Geek Glasses

If you’re looking for eyewear that makes you look younger, you can’t forget the trendy geek glasses frames. Also, if you don’t want glasses that are too big or too small for your face but can come in handy with progressive lenses, cool geek glasses can be an ideal choice. These stylish glasses can be used for reading or distance , but they are also a fashion accessory.

glasses that make you look younger
Getty Images

At fifty-eight years old, Jamie Lee Curtis is also one of those enviable women whose tastes and style has transcended the decades to keep her looking always great. If you are looking for a new, strong, girl boss style for this season, then Curtis could be your new muse.

Vint & York’s Keen square glasses frame will help you emulate the geek chic look and not set aside your need to look younger, stylish, but also have a practical sidekick in your day to day activities.

Alternatively, you can go with a bolder hipster frame and exude confidence and grace – choose Passeggiata classic preppy frame, the rounded edges soften a square-shaped face.

Pince Nez

The cool reading glasses from the past. The Pince Nez frames are as durable as they are stylish and their functional yet intriguing design make them a practical piece of art. They clip comfortably on the bridge of your nose when you need to see near and you need a little help reading a book, the menu or messages on a phone and nimbly fold into a pocket when you don’t.

glasses that make you look younger

Vint & York Pince Nez, a stylish tribute to the past, is an eye-catching frame that fits well if you are a style enthusiast and feel nostalgic about the good old days. Sit back and relax with a good book or the newspaper, or pull them out when glancing over a menu in the restaurant.

Funky Colorful Eyeglasses

As we age, our color and features start to soften and colours you could wear in the past start to look harsh on you. As a result, you should choose colors that bring out your best and make you look younger. It’s time to allow your best features to stand out!

glasses that make you look younger

Warmer tones are very flattering and will look great on you. But, if you feel bolder you can try magenta or burgundy frame. Amore frames are characterized by the unique oversized diamond silhouette and designed in brilliant and vibrant colors.

glasses for older women

For the more daring Fly Boy frame in Crimson Red and Yellow will add a stylish flair and complete your look when you go for a fashionable evening out.

glasses that make you look younger

You can magnetize everyone and make them look you with wide eyes open – try Vint & York Ritzy glasses. Inspired by the style-defining square specs of the 1920s these square glasses make a big statement, cover wrinkles and make the cheekbones look bigger.

No matter the glasses you choose, always compliment your own taste along with current styles to find the right blend that brings out your features.

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