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Halloween Costumes with Glasses

Halloween Costumes with Glasses

Spooky season is upon us, which means that if you haven’t already started planning your Halloween costume, you should! Here at Vint & York, we take this holiday pretty seriously. However, the reality is that many of us end up scrambling around at the last minute for a decent costume to wear. Fortunately, you have the upper hand if you wear eyeglasses. To celebrate the Halloween spirit, we’ve put together some ideas on how you can incorporate your specs into your costumes this year. Here’s everything you need to know about Halloween costumes with glasses.

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Halloween Costumes For People With Glasses

Halloween costumes can be challenging for people with glasses. It can prevent you from wearing your favorite costume, and not all costumes are glasses-friendly. Luckily, there are a bunch of costumes that come with glasses attached, proving that eyewear and Halloween can go together. Your eyeglasses or sunglasses can be the defining accessory in your costume, especially if you choose the right getup.


Halloween Costumes For Women With Glasses

Halloween is an especially fun season for women looking to dress up. You can get really creative with DIY costumes or by purchasing something that’s sure to wow everybody. One accessory that can make or break your look is a pair of glasses. Those who wear a pair can immediately start making these costume ideas. If you don’t have glasses to wear, then it’s worth investing in some frames to make your Halloween costume pop. The added bonus is that you can wear your new eyeglasses all year round, even without prescription lenses; simply upgrade to blue light lenses to keep your eyes safe from screens.

Here are some great costumes with glasses for women for this Halloween season.



Halloween Costumes with Glasses - Nerd Halloween Costumes with Glasses - Big Wig Eyeglasses
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The classic nerd costume never goes out of style, and it can also work as a sexy Halloween costume for women if you know how to spruce things up. The nerd costume celebrates intellect, passion, and style all in one. A great plus is that it’s easy to assemble. Simply gather suspenders, nerd glasses, and perhaps even a necktie or a bowtie to complete your last-minute ensemble. You can go further by dressing your costume with props like books, comics, and gadgets to look like a true nerd. This costume is a playful way to break stereotypes and show that being smart and passionate is something to be celebrated.



Halloween Costumes with Glasses - Librarian Halloween Costumes with Glasses - Beatrice Eyeglasses
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The librarian is another easy costume for women to put together during Spooky Season. It’s an excellent choice because it combines the allure of mystery with an air of intelligence. You can choose to embrace the classic, timeless style, complete with classic eyeglasses for women and a bookish demeanor, or you can make it a little sexier with form-fitting outfits. Whether you’re going for sexy or sophisticated, the librarian costume allows for creativity and individuality. It’s also a great conversation starter, especially for book fans!



Halloween Costumes with Glasses - Doctor Halloween Costumes with Glasses - Flight Of Fancy Eyeglasses
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Dressing up as a doctor for Halloween is also fairly simple. All you need is a coat, a stethoscope, and of course, your glasses! This costume combines an air of respect and authority with a playful twist. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even turn your costume into a zombie physician, which can set a completely different theme and mood. Wearing a doctor's costume can be a great way to get recognized instantly while wearing your glasses.



Halloween Costumes with Glasses - Witch Halloween Costumes with Glasses - Witch - Flight Of Fancy Eyeglasses
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What would Halloween be without the classic witch? This costume is considered a timeless holiday staple for many compelling reasons. It taps into the world of folklore and magic. Witches evoke a sense of mystery and empowerment, which allows you to embrace your inner enchantress. It is a costume that definitely welcomes creativity, whether you choose the pointed hat and broomstick route or more modern and edgier interpretations. A witch costume embodies the spirit of Halloween, with its supernatural and whimsical elements. It's a fantastic way to explore the darker side of Halloween, casting spells, and brewing potions, while also being a recognizable and fun choice for women of all ages.


Halloween Costumes For Men With Glasses

Halloween costumes can be a bit more challenging for men. While women can easily dress up any simple costume and look ready to celebrate, options for men often lack diversity and creativity. Fortunately, accessories like sunglasses and eyeglasses can make all the difference. Men are adding more creativity to their costumes with other accessories and novel ideas for costumes. Here are a few that we recommend trying with specs.



Halloween Costumes with Glasses - Hipster Halloween Costumes with Glasses - Forte Eyeglasses
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Feeling like a hipster? Why not go as one this Halloween season? This is a playful way to embody one of the biggest stereotypes of the 2010s. If you want to poke fun at how hipsters typically gatekeep their interests and dress in a “unique” style, then put together a hipster costume of your own using a button-down or plaid shirt, oversized glasses, and any quirky accessory like printed socks. It’s a costume that is ironically cool, and you can customize it to reflect your individual interests, from indie music to artisanal coffee. This is sure to add humor to your Halloween get-togethers.



Halloween Costumes with Glasses - Detective Halloween Costumes with Glasses - Owl Eyeglasses
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Dressing as a detective is a unique way to celebrate Halloween without going for the more conventional costumes. You get to combine intrigue and style with a fedora, trench coat, suit, magnifying glass, and of course, your designer men's glasses. Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and exude an air of mystery wherever you go with this costume.



Halloween Costumes with Glasses - Hippie Halloween Costumes with Glasses - The Roosevelt Eyeglasses
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For something a little more groovy, try dressing as a hippie for Halloween. This is another one of those easy costumes that you can put together in a jiffy. Simply rummage around in your closet for anything tie-dye, comfortable pants, flower accessories, and colored hippie glasses. It’s a timeless costume that is easily recognizable, and it is definitely a lighthearted way to spend your Halloween.


Tips For Perfecting Your Glasses-Inspired Costume

Once you’ve decided which character you want to be for Halloween, it’s time to put everything together. Here are a few ways to make your costume stand out with unique details.


Select the right frames for your costume

To make your costume as cohesive as possible, it is important to choose the right pair of frames. This is essential in bringing the character to life. Vintage styles will work best for costumes that go back in time, while frames with bold and large shapes will suit modern costumes. Experiment with different frame styles and lenses until you find something that fits your costume just right.


Add other accessories

Accessorizing beyond your glasses is also important to make your costume work. Put together a list of accessories that your character might have. For instance, a doctor costume might need a pen, watch, and clipboard in addition to glasses, a coat, and a stethoscope. Think of your makeup too as this can really pull a look together for Halloween!


Why Incorporate Glasses Into Your Costume?

There are many possibilities for creative costumes with glasses. Aside from that, there are actually some benefits in adding glasses to your costume.


Being resourceful

You can use an existing pair of frames that you already own as the starting point of your costume. This allows you to save money on your accessories and makes your costume more comfortable and practical. Plus, you won’t have to worry about seeing clearly! It also ensures that your costume remains faithful to the characters that do have eyewear.


Try a new look

You may have been itching to try a new look with your specs. Halloween is the perfect time to experiment with a shape or color that you might not otherwise wear. You can then decide if this new style of glasses is something that you want to keep wearing after the holidays.


The Bottom Line

If your eyes are fine and don’t need vision correction, you can still purchase a pair of specs with non-prescription lenses to dress up as a character who has glasses. Choose a great pair of eyeglasses for your Halloween costume and beyond.

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