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How Vint & York Responds to COVID-19 and What Measures You Can Take to Stop the Spread

In light of the uncertainty with the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we want to reassure all our customers that we are taking all the necessary steps to follow the World Health Organisation and local authorities’ guidelines. Our priority is the safety of our customers, employees, and partners.

Here is what we’re doing to support the end of this pandemic outbreak, help the healthcare workforce and what you can do to support us, and, most importantly, stop the spread.


What Is Vint & York Doing to Help?

We remain operational for everybody who needs us – eye care cannot wait. We strive to become even more accessible as we go forward during these difficult times.

1. Free Urgent Eyewear Repairs for Healthcare Workers

For medical workers that are in the front lines, pulling late nights and long hours during this crisis, we stand with you. We know that your vision is essential while taking care of our loved ones, and we want to reach out.

We’d love to help out and offer free urgent repairs to your optical frames and lenses.

Please share this with any healthcare workers that may need frame or lens repairs.

2. Free Rush Orders: Glasses In a One-Day Turnaround

If you need a new pair of eyeglasses urgently and fast, we will accommodate rush orders by phone or website requests, with a one-day turnaround.

The rush order option is available for most single vision eyeglasses (used for nearsightedness, astigmatism, distance, or reading). We will also do our best to speed up any custom lens prescription orders, including progressive lenses, bifocal lenses with or without blue light filters, photochromic lenses, prescription sunglasses lenses, and others on request.

All frames and most lenses are in stock and ready to ship to you. From as little as a few hours to a day, we’ll ensure that the rush deliveries – marked as such in the online check-out – make their way to your doorsteps as fast as possible.

To ensure fast delivery of your order, we are always available at (800) 846-9915, on chat, or DM us on social media if you want to keep track of your rush delivery.

free shipping eyeglasses online

3. Free Shipping and Returns for Domestic Orders

Our retail store is temporarily closed due to the evolving situation. Shopping from the comfort of your home is safe and convenient, so we are extending our free shipping and returns for all domestic orders.

free shipping and returns

We are extending our free returns to custom lens orders. For all progressive and bifocals lens orders – we will send you the frames of your choice to allow you to try them on prior to committing to the custom lenses. Once you decide you can ship them back with a free return label. We will then craft your custom lenses and deliver your new specs to you.

4. CDC-Compliant Disinfecting Protocol During Fulfillment & Shipping

We constantly make sure that all appropriate health and hygiene standards are adhered to. Each order is prepared individually with the highest attention to detail in regard to production and post-production until it’s turned over to the shipping companies we collaborate with.

When packing orders, our employees are regularly washing their hands, wearing gloves , and using hand sanitizer at all times. We are monitoring their health and wellbeing very closely.

We are monitoring the situation and continue to work very closely with USPS and FedEx and to aim at making sure that all appropriate health and hygiene standards are adhered to.

5. Temporarily Closed NY Retail Location

In light of recent COVID-19 developments, we’ve made the difficult decision to temporarily close our Nolita retail location for the safety of our customers and staff. New York is our home, and our store is our window to the world.

We’ll keep you posted on store hours via social media. In the meantime, o ur staff is here to help you shop using a next-level digital experience, including virtual try-ons and personal cyber consultations.

Vint & York location

6. No Prescription? We Can Fill Your Order Using Your Current Eyeglasses

If you don’t remember your prescription, we can help by analyzing your current eyeglasses pair.

Our team will make sure your new frames will feature the right lenses for a 20-20 vision and help you continue your daily activities without any challenge. To use this service, contact our team, and we’ll give you instructions.

coronavirus and eyeglasses

7. Virtual Try-On Technology: Live Cam & Photo Library

We equipped our ecommerce store and all our frames (both eyeglasses and sunglasses) with a Virtual Try-On that will turn your screen into a virtual mirror, in real-time (less than 2 seconds), via your web or phone camera (or from an uploaded photo).

You can virtually try on frames as if you’re in front of a regular mirror—no need to come by our store to try on all our collections. Just click the TRY THEM ON button in the upper left corner of your screen and make sure you have your camera on.

Find out more about our Virtual Try-On !

8. Get $10 Off All Blue Light Filter Lenses

We recognize the fact that when we #StayHome, we use our devices more, whether to catch up on the latest docu-series or stay on top of the news. However, long hours with your eyes glued to screens will take a toll on your vision. Stay healthy and make sure you protect your eyes with the blue filter lenses while working on your laptop or desktop.

We are offering $10 off any blue light eyeglasses order.

Our Eyefend lenses are blocking blue light and protect your eyes from all the light your devices throw your way throughout the day. We have developed a unique line of blue light protection lenses explicitly made for the modern-wearer. Our lenses are designed with the most advanced technology to provide maximum protection for your eyes.

Read more about our Eyefend blue light technology .

blue light eyeglasses

What Can You Do to Help?

1. Enjoy Your Time at Home

Staying home is key to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. Try to enjoy this time by catching up with friends, family, that book you didn’t get to finish, and shop as much as you can from home.

coronavirus and eyes

2. Don’t Postpone Your Eyecare Needs

Eyesight is non-negotiable . Playing by the ear when it comes to health has never been a good idea and it continues so.

Lenses are prone to scratches, even for the most cautious of eyeglass wearers. However, if the scratches begin to interfere with vision, they should be repaired or replaced immediately.

eyeglasses and coronavirus

3. Keep Your Eyewear Clean

As indicated, keep your eyewear hygiene at the same standards as your hand’s hygiene during this pandemic season. Try to sanitize your frames as often as possible, especially if you have the widespread habit to constantly touch them.

Use special optic solutions to keep the lens surface, as well as the frames, in the right parameters.

You can read our guide on the best way to clean your glasses .

We will deliver free cleaning solutions to all online orders placed throughout March.

4. Join Vint & York on Social Media

The Vint & York eyewear community loves to snap pictures with their latest shades. Right now, any review or shared photo via social media helps us survive this economic wave.

Any review or #stayathome photo styling your Vint & York frames will surely boost our confidence (and hopefully yours too)!

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Closing Thoughts

We are committed to supporting your eyewear needs and hopefully still having fun via social media. Our channels and our blog will feature how-to posts on a big range of eyewear questions in the coming days.

As always, you can reach our Customer Service team by email, phone or chat. Thank you for your loyalty and we look forward to serving your eye care needs!

If you have any questions, feel free to DM us on social media or call us at (800) 846-9915.

Sincerely, Larisa Ginzburg – Founder & CEO VINT & YORK

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