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Best Sunglasses for Golf

Best Sunglasses for Golf

If you want to have the best vision possible out on the course, then the last thing you want is to choose a pair of cheap sunglasses. Consider this: you’ve already invested plenty in the best golf clubs, shoes, and gloves, so why not get the right eye accessories that will directly affect how you perform? Crystal-clear vision is crucial in golf, which is why we’re recommending our top picks for sunglasses that you can use when golfing.


Considerations For Choosing The Best Golf Sunglasses

There are several things you should consider when choosing the best golf sunglasses.

Cost and performance. It is not always guaranteed that more costly pairs of sunglasses will enhance performance significantly. Some of our top picks are just a little over $100, which isn’t bad considering the price of other sunglasses on the market.

Lenses. There is an endless selection of lens options to choose from. However, when it comes to golf sunglasses, you are better off using lenses with a rose, purple, or copper tint. These offer the most contrast against the green of the golf course and help you spot your golf ball with ease.

Size. Size is also important when looking for golf sunglasses. Everybody’s facial structure is different, so what will fit well on one person may not be suitable for another individual. Try on your sunglasses if you can, but if you are buying them online, then make sure the measurements fit your face.


The Best Sunglasses For Golf

Here are some of our top picks for the best golf sunglasses you can use out on the course.


Best Sunglasses for Golf - The Great Sunglasses
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Darker tints can help provide more enhanced readings of green colors. Buying the right dark tint that is optimized for golf can help you see the dips and slopes on a course more clearly, which is especially helpful when putting. The Great oversized square sunglasses have lenses that will help you see changes in grass texture as it improves the contrast between shades of green.


Best Sunglasses for Golf - Fairbanks Sunglasses
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The Fairbanks may not seem like an obvious choice for the golf course, but it is an excellent choice thanks to its rose-colored lenses. This absorbs the right amount of light and creates an ideal contrast between the white golf ball and green grass. You can opt to have these shades polarized as well.


Best Sunglasses for Golf - Ace Sunglasses
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The Ace sunglasses feature lightweight frames and enhanced contrast lenses that are perfect for golfing. The rubber nose pieces are comfortable, with no discomfort even with long hours of wear. The Ace prioritizes both form and function with a stylish design that looks great on the course.


The Bottom Line

Using the right sunglasses can offer numerous benefits for golfers. They enhance visibility by reducing glare, protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays, and improving contrast for better ball tracking and depth perception. A good pair of sunglasses also shields the eyes from wind, dust, and debris, ensuring comfort and focus on the game. Golf sunglasses not only enhance performance but also contribute to long-term eye health, making them an essential accessory for any golfer seeking to enjoy the game to the fullest.

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