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4 Tips for Choosing Flattering Glasses Frame Colors

4 Tips for Choosing Flattering Glasses Frame Colors

Choosing the right color for your glasses is essential and helps enhance your style. A well-chosen pair of glasses can accentuate your features, complement your wardrobe, and reflect your personality. But with so many colors to choose from, where do you begin? This guide will provide you with tips for choosing flattering glasses frame colors.

Evaluate the Apparel You Wear

Begin deciding on a frame color by analyzing the hues you typically wear for apparel and other accessories. A brown, beige, or gold frame might be perfect if you lean toward neutral or earth tones. These versatile colors can easily match most outfits. 

While you can buy frames similar to the colors you wear, you may also want contrasting hues. For instance, if you wear monochromatic colors, you may purchase black, silver, or brown frames, but that's not your only option. Bright shades of blue, green, red, or multicolored glasses add fun pops of color to your outfit. 

Compare Bold and Traditional Colors

Don't shy away from trying both bold and traditional colors. Traditional colors like black, brown, or silver are timeless and can match any outfit or occasion. They're safe choices if you're unsure what color suits you best.

Conversely, bold colors can express your unique style and personality. Vibrant hues like red, purple, or green can make you stand out in a crowd. They're great if you want to create a fashion statement with your eyewear.

Consider What Flatters Your Features

As you shop for eyewear, consider your skin tone, eye color, and hair color. If you have a cool skin tone (blue or pink undertones), then silver, black, dark tortoise, pink, purple, blue, or mauve frames will complement your complexion. For warm skin tones (yellow or peach undertones), frames in gold, copper, peach, warm blue, or light tortoise can work well.

Your hair and eye color can also influence your choice. For example, if you have blue eyes, a blue frame can enhance them. If you have dark hair, eye-catching shades like crimson provide a striking contrast.

Buy What Makes You Feel Beautiful

The final tip for choosing flattering glasses frame colors is a big one. Buy what you love. Style is about our freedom of expression, and we're most likely to feel confident when we're wearing something that makes us feel beautiful. Try on a range of pairs in different colors you enjoy wearing to determine which makes you look the best. 

Shop for Luxury Eyewear

Vint & York sells a wide range of trendy glasses for women in various colors and styles. Explore our collection to find the perfect glasses frame color for you. Use our virtual try-on feature to see how each color looks on you before making your purchase. Invest in quality eyewear today and elevate your look! 

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