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4 Signs You Need Computer Glasses

4 Signs You Need Computer Glasses

Nowadays, there are many professions that are online- or computer-based. Staring at a computer all day can be straining to the eyes. At Vint and York, we have created a line of computer glasses that can help with the strain on the eyes while using digital devices. Here are four signs you may need to purchase computer glasses: 

1. You Use Digital Devices Daily  

The use of digital devices like computers, cell phones, tablets, and others may strain the eyes. If you are someone that uses these devices for hours on end, you may want to consider investing in computer glasses. It can be hard to avoid the daily use of digital devices because many use them for work, school, and more. The daily strain of using digital devices may harm the eyes and cause other issues. You can improve your daily digital use by choosing to wear computer glasses. At Vint and York, we understand that using digital devices may not be a choice, and we have created a line to combat the issues that may occur. 

2. You Have Computer Glare Issues 

Computers and other electronic devices can produce screen glare. This screen glare can make it difficult to see what is on the screen. When you use computer glasses, you can reduce screen glare. This glare effect may be a cause of eyestrain. Our glasses are made with an anti-reflective coat which can help eliminate glare. Computer glare can be distracting and cause eyestrain. If you have glare issues when using your digital devices, you may want to consider purchasing computer glasses. 

3. You Have Trouble Sleeping

Digital devices and sleeping trouble can be correlated. If you use digital devices often and for long periods of time, your sleep may be affected. Using these devices may suppress the production of melatonin. Melatonin production is key to a healthy sleep cycle. While some people can avoid digital devices, there are others who cannot due to work. If you have trouble sleeping, you may want to incorporate computer glasses into your daily digital routine. 

4. You Have Eyestrain Due to Blue Light

Steady digital device use can cause eyestrain or eye fatigue. This can be uncomfortable when you log off for the day and continue to have the eyestrain. Excessive eyestrain can also lead to headaches. When you use computer glasses, they can help reduce headaches as well as the amount of eyestrain you experience. 

These are just a few different signs that you may need to use these specially-made glasses while using the computer. Vint and York has created a line of blue light glasses to fit any style while assisting in combating these issues. 

Computer Glasses or Blue Light Lenses 

Computer glasses are also known as blue light lens glasses because the blue lens is what is helpful. When shopping for these glasses, you should look specifically for lenses that filter blue light. The blue light can come from almost all digital devices. At Vint and York, we have created an entire line of blue light lenses. Our Eyefend lenses work because of the multiple layers and coatings we place within them. The layers reduce the amount of harmful light that can be absorbed by the eye. The ultraviolet light range of 380 nm–500 nm is filtered through these lenses. Our Eyefend line can assist those who spend several hours using digital devices. 

Long-Term Effects of Blue Light

There are a few different long-term effects of blue light that you may want to understand. Eyestrain may be one of the most common ways blue light can affect you. The strain on your eyes may cause repeated headaches when digital devices are used without also wearing blue light lenses. These headaches can be short-term, but the long-term use of blue light can cause these headaches frequently, often causing them to feel long-term. 

Exposure to blue light for a long period of time may damage retinal cells. The damage to the retina may cause issues such as age-related macular degeneration. The constant exposure may also contribute to eye cancer, growths on the eye, and cataracts. Children and adults may be at risk for these long-term effects of blue light. Research has also shown that high exposure to blue light can increase the free radicals in the eye. The development of those free radicals can eventually lead to retinal injury. To reduce the chances of these effects, you may want to wear blue light lenses. 

Vint and York for Blue Light Glasses

At Vint and York, we created a blue light–specific line called Eyefend. We want to help our customers take care of their eyes and eyesight. With many processes being based online, we saw the need for blue light glasses to use while working or browsing. We have many different styles of glasses for men and women and in different sizes so you can find frame that suits your style. If you have any of these signs that you may need computer glasses, contact Vint and York to browse our Eyefend collection. 

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